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We proudly introduce our newest product called "Armadillo" Paper Case , a smartphone case made of paper.

Anthon Designs is excited to announce the availability to wholesalers of Paper Case® -- an innovative and daring case for all popular smartphones in today's market.

Paper Case is made from ecologically produced laminated white carton paper, a material that is not often thought of when it comes to making smartphone cases.

"We wanted to make a case using materials such as paper which are not commonly used to create smartphone cases, so we invented Paper Case®," said Anthon, Founder and Creator of Anthon Designs, who also oversees production of the product line. "It is challenging, innovative and daring all at the same time to produce a product like this."

Paper Case is not only unique because of the materials chosen, but also in the way it is assembled. No glues or adhesives are used in a Paper Case design. A simple folding technique holds the case together to keep the smartphone securely within.

The case can be pre-assembled and showcased as a finished product or presented in handy do-it-yourself packaging. The "Armadillo" can be easily folded together in around 10 seconds.

Paper Case kicks off with a series just in time for the 2014 World Cup football tournament in Brazil. Presenting 32 countries each with 16 dazzling 3D grid designs in their respective country flag, the series gives smartphone owners the opportunity to cheer on their favourite team at the same time they decorate their phone.

Cases can be further customized with the opportunity to switch designs, colours and branding. This gives corporate users a new way to optimize the exposure of their brand - it is more than just slapping a logo on a case.

The combination of the eco-friendly materials used with the unique customization capabilities of the Paper Case® is a new concept for the market today. Anthon Designs is prepared to meet the needs of wholesalers for high-volume production with a personalized touch.

About Anthon Designs
Anthon Designs focuses on combining streamlined designs, custom personalization, and an environmentally-conscious mentality to its products. The work of Anthon Designs appeals to young consumers who want both simplicity and creativity in their products, as well as to everyone who owns a tablet or smartphone and wants a personalized touch. More about Anthon Designs can be found at the company website (

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