Another Timeshare Resale Scam Lands Two Women in Jail

As part of a public outreach program to thwart future Timeshare Resale phone scams, Redemption and Release, LLC is keeping timeshare owners abreast of timeshare-related fraudulent activity in hopes of helping them avoid becoming crime victims.

Redemption and Release, LLC is dedicated to informing timeshare consumers concerning the metastasis of timeshare resale rip-offs that has actually been running rampant throughout the timeshare sector as of late.

Yet an additional apprehension has been made in relation to another illegal operation aimed at ripping off owners of timeshare properties. Evidently, there is no limit to the number of scammers who are rushing to benefit from those needing a fast means out of their timeshare contracts.

An Orange County, Florida woman has been brought up on a number of charges after investigation by police detectives discovered that she headed-up an unlicensed telemarketing group that defrauded owners of timeshares by offering them a bogus resale of their timeshare. A total of eleven charges were brought against Bacon, including a RICO charge, which further increased the bail amount.

Investigators with the Department of Agriculture revealed that Jennifer Bacon and her associate, Carmen Rodriguez, ran RCIJB Worldwide Enterprise Inc., a telemarketing firm. They are accused of scamming timeshare owners by assuring them that the company had clients who wanted to buy their timeshares.

Victims of the scam paid RCIJB charges including fees to facilitate the sale, yet no sale of the timeshare ever took place. There was never a customer who wanted to make the purchase start with.

Making the fraud much worse, Bacon and her partners proceeded to swipe as many individual details as they could, including the charge card account numbers with which the timeshare owners initially paid for the fake "sales cost."

This was not the first time Bacon has been in this kind of trouble; she was arrested for a similar illegal act back in 2012. Ms. Rodriguez was also charged in a previous illegal endeavor for which she's currently serving time.

Jennifer Bacon was jailed on May 14, 2014 and is to be held on a $101,500 bond.

Those timeshare owners that are looking for an easy and legal way out of their timeshare agreements would are encouraged not to entertain any unwanted telephone calls claiming to supply marketing services or buyers for their timeshare.

The "resale market" for timeshares is currently completely flat and will remain as such for the foreseeable future. Anyone who calls you unexpectedly saying that they have a timeshare buyer interested in your holding is simply trying to make some easy money from someone they hope doesn't know any better.

In all honesty, there is a gross excess of these timeshare properties in existence; the resorts are only concerned with getting rid of their own inventory. They will not help current timeshare owners rent or sell their timeshares. When timeshare owners are drowning in rising charges, assessments and tax liabilities it could mean financial doom in certain situations. For instance, if timeshare owners aren't able to take advantage of their timeshare because of conflict with available weeks, or incapability to travel, their timeshare may become little more than a huge economic liability and financial drain.

Deceptive "timeshare resale brokers" contact these desperate owners and supply them what at first glance appears to be an excellent remedy to their trouble. Sadly, timeshare owners pay for this service, yet no purchaser ever shows up to finish the purchase. The timeshare owner in good faith will pay the costs associated to sell the property. Unfortunately, not only are they still stuck with a timeshare they can't pay for, they find themselves even deeper in debt!

Without a doubt, the most affordable, reliable and legal remedy to transfer timeshare ownership is the Redemption and Release Timeshare Redemption program. This comprehensive timeshare exit strategy is supported by a 100% Guarantee for legally binding and final Timeshare Transfer, with superb consumer rating documented by several of America's top business rating organizations including Dun & Bradstreet and the Online Business Bureau. Visit online at for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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