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Annaghmore Saddlery Gearing Up For The Balmoral Show

The Annaghmore Saddlery's team of professional saddlers is preparing to exhibit their products at the popular Balmoral Show

For both equestrian lovers and agricultural professionals, The Balmoral Show is arguably one of the most anticipated events of its kind in Belfast. Taking place from May 14 - 16, the Balmoral Show serves as a highly visible promotional platform for product suppliers, craftsmen and industry professionals from across Northern Ireland. Agriculture is an essential element of both the culture and the economy of this region of the United Kingdom, and events such as The Balmoral Show are both symbolic and highly functional. Visitors to The Balmoral Show range from casual tourists and local residents to professional equestrians and livestock owners.

Annaghmore Saddlery, a highly acclaimed saddlery service, is one of several vendors that will be making their way to The Balmoral Show in hopes of dazzling prospective customers and clients with their spectacular line-up of products and services, included saddle fitting, horseshoe adjustment and fitting as well as numerous equestrian supplies, all of which will inevitably find their way into use throughout the countryside of Ireland. With over 33 years in the industry, Annaghmore Saddlery has worked with some of the region's most influential equestrian professionals who have helped elevate both the sport and equestrian discipline to the prominence it enjoys today.

Tommy McClelland, owner of Annaghmore Saddlery, described his organisation in enthusiastic terms, stating, "Nobody else has a master saddler and a qualified saddler in Ireland. It is unique to have a master saddler as well as a saddle fitter in the same location. We will also have a farrier on site to fit horseshoes. We are very fortunate to have some top, specialised people on location."

Although the Balmoral Show is, of course, a not-to-be-missed event for the Annaghmore Saddlery, the exposition is but one of several events that the Saddlery will be attending this year. As word continues to spread about their acclaimed reputation, the Annaghmore Saddlery is hoping that their list of repeat clients will continue to grow.

For those interested in attending the 2014 Balmoral Show, additional information can be found at the official website of the event, In addition to product and service sales, the Balmoral Show features a variety of themed shows, sheep shearing, show jumping competitions and livestock. Tickets can be purchased online. Visitors can also purchase tickets at the event if they do not wish to pre-order. The primary sponsor of this year's event is Ulster Bank.

The Annaghmore Saddlery provides top-tier equestrian products and services to clients across Ireland. Their official website is

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