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ANMD Ltd, Watch This Company in Africa

Africa Nevada Mining & Development Ltd may very well be the bridge that allows progress to take place in West Africa.

Africa Nevada Mining & Development Ltd. which is referred to as ANMD Ltd. was started by a frustrated, angered and challenged American Engineer. The story is one that most would consider outside of the box and beyond the call of duty, others could just say crazy. As a former US Air Force Officer and Development Engineer for Exxon Mobil Sid Tarrant had two options while in Africa. The first was to quit and count the losses on a deal gone south or find a way to make a possible enterprise work.

He chose the latter and by far the most difficult and time consuming. Trying to do business on an emerging continent where the variables and culture in most cases are not in your favor was an eye opener Sid said, even if you are an African American. What looked like a great opportunity in purchasing African Gold production turned out to be a lesson beyond a short conversation? Martin Luther King stated that on his ride back from a debate in the South that he had to give up his seat on the bus and stand for 90 miles back home. He said that that was the angriest he had ever been in his life. It was the seed for his commitment and legacy.

When Sid and his associates suffered an investment loss to buy Gold from Mali as well as Ghana and it failed on both accounts after sending the money, it was not conceivable. Sid said, they did not look at him as a black man before they looked at him as American, he was angered. He stated that this was bigger than color and business, in his opinion it was a tragedy of the worst kind. Sid Tarrant, said that he came to understand how African Americans were sold into slavery by the Chiefs or system and mindset that could have allowed it to happen from the onset.

Sid Tarrant is a Military Man and Aerospace Engineer by training and a humanitarian at heart; his decision to stay and work through this was grounded on a conviction and sublime anger. Most of those that started out with him as supporters from the US soon vanished, as his effort was considered futile and unachievable. Sid legally filed to start and register ANMD Ltd as a company in Ghana to do the same thing those who deceived him and his associates stated they were doing or could do. The story associated with the details of all the events would be too long to share here but surely newsworthy at any other time. After a year and a half of work, sacrifice and personal survival, the company was successful in moving forward. ANMD Ltd. produced a little over 1440 grams of Gold in the last quarter of 2013 as evidenced by sales receipts and the recent Annual Report. Sid Tarrant said it may not sound like much in the scale of things but in eight weeks the production was over $75,000.00 USD.

The alliances that Sid was able to establish made the real difference as they were real players connected to the Ministry of Mining and committed to doing the right thing. Efforts were started to take legal action against the group that deceived him and his alliances earlier in Ghana. The laws in Ghana have changed and continue changing to the degree that Chinese miners were deported for illegal mining activities in 2013. Mr. Tarrant stated that despite the good, the bad and the ugly, timing is everything. We are positioned to produce over 30,000 grams the first quarter of 2014 and the Gold we produce we will hold as leverage for working with Banks and Institutions as collateral for lending as defined by international banking laws and collateral requirements. The job has turned out to be more than mining it is a mission in financial awareness and opportunity according to Mr. Tarrant.

I have seen many opportunities but this one has been worth the blazing Sun, the torrential rains and my time in the African bush along with the sacrifice away from family the comforts and convenience of America. The future is not just bright as a result of this, it is amazing and I will do what I must to develop and sustain it, said Mr. Sidney A Tarrant as a final comment and CEO of the company.

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