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Angel Automotive on What Makes VisionQuest Capital's Business Advisory Services Different?

The title CFO may still evoke green eyeshades and rote bean counting tasks, but today's business environment ensures that such a one-dimensional role hardly exists anymore.

To start, the best CFOs are more than CFOs and a prime example of this would be VisionQuest Capital and their Business Advisory Services.

Having a strong command of the financials or the numbers is key; that goes without saying, but also conveying a strong understanding of both the operations as well as the strategic direction of a business and then being able to tie it all together is essential.

Make no mistake, as a serial entrepreneur, there are other individuals and groups to work with that are good, but VisionQuest Capital is a firm that has a more integrated approach for operations and strategies which engenders more control and confidence.

It's more than just having a handle on the numbers that makes one the best, that being the minimum requirement of an Outsourced CFO company. But when there is value added on the operating or strategic side, as VisionQuest Capital does, that's when one sees the Owner/CEO and CFO functions running the company together - the way it should be.

Anybody can make a budget, and anybody can say operations do what they said they would do; but VisionQuest Capital has their finger on the pulse of the operations and has a hand in the strategic direction of Angel Automotive which in turn enables them to provide a advice on a better budget and a better idea of where things are going.

There are few companies that can jump to mind as a top Outsourced CFO company. What makes VisionQuest Capital come to mind goes back to the previous point stating how they deliver on these requirements. Again, lots of Outsourced CFO companies have a handle on the numbers, but one doesn't necessarily get the feeling they've got in-depth knowledge of the operations or that they have a significant vote in the strategic direction. By contrast, VisionQuest Capital, and their Business Advisory Services, have an in-depth understanding of the businesses they work with and they play a major role in shaping the strategic and operational focus for Angel Automotive.

James Taylor
President of Angel Automotive Group
The author, James Taylor, is a serial entrepreneur who runs a successful automotive retail company in Raleigh, North Carolina.

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