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Andy Pandy Celebrates Single Parents Day on March 21 for All Single Moms and Dads

Showing support for all parents around the world, Andy Pandy helps celebrate Single Parents Day on March 21.

Becoming a parent is not easy. Typically, moms and dads take turns caring for a baby to ensure that she or he is well fed, healthy and completely comfortable. Together, they both worry about their child's future and work hard for it.

For single parent family, raising a child singlehandedly has its own unique challenges and obstacles, and deserves a resounding applause.

On March 21, the United States celebrates the more than 14 million single parents in the country who show their strength, determination and unconditional love that redefine the meaning of parenthood. Honoring all exceptional single moms and dads on this special day is Andy Pandy.

"We wanted to show our appreciation to all the single parents and recognize them on their special day," said Jessica Hansen, Co-founder of Andy Pandy.

Hansen Kids, LLC developed Andy Pandy "inspired by love for our children and our planet." Staying true to this tagline, the diapers are made from bamboo with natural aloe, providing comfort that is hypoallergenic, soft to the skin and odor resistant. Andy Pandy aims to ensure babies are happy and put a smile on their parents' faces.

Quickly becoming a parent's dream diaper, Andy Pandy eases the daunting task of keeping babies happy and comfortable all day and night. The diaper was developed with the 3-D form fitting design, as well as an elastic waistband and flexible side panels that help leaks even on active babies. The top-rated nappy wicks moisture and has a wetness indicator, leaving babies dry and comfortable.

As with any parent who loves their child and wants a bright future, Andy Pandy does its part to be environmentally friendly. Andy Pandy diapers are biodegradable and very eco-friendly.

To find out more about Andy Pandy, please visit for additional information.

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