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Andy Pandy Announces Winners of Love Letters Valentine Contest on Facebook

Three winners received Valentine giveaways from Hansen Kids, LLC, makers of the 5-star eco-friendly disposable diapers made of bamboo.

Andy Pandy Diapers announces that its Valentine Contest on Facebook was a hit, with letters of love outpouring from all over the United States.

Celebrating the month of love, Hansen Kids, LLC, the family-managed business behind Andy Pandy, encouraged avid fans and users of the eco-friendly diapers to post a sentence or two on the Official Andy Pandy FB wall explaining why they love the product. Extra points were given to posts with photos of their little kids wearing Andy Pandy diapers.

"Thanks so much to everyone that entered," said Jessica Hansen of Hansen Kids, sharing her excitement over the love letters that flooded the FB wall between February 1st and February 15th. "We have enjoyed reading your thoughts on our diapers and of course seeing your little one's beautiful faces," she added.

In picking the Andy Pandy Love Letter Valentine Contest winner, all entrants' names were multiplied by the number of entries earned, added to a list, randomized and then chosen at random. The winners are posted on the diaper brand's FB wall.

The 3rd Prize Winner received a 50% off promo code for 1 pack of Andy Pandy diapers. The 2nd prize winner got a pack of the bamboo-made disposable nappies, while the Grand Winner was awarded a pack of Andy Pandy Diapers plus a $25 Amazon gift card.

The winners announced were as follows:
1st place - Stoker N Taryn A.
2nd place - Amelia J.
3rd place - Kelly P. B.

Andy Pandy Diapers are made from bamboo with natural aloe that keeps babies' skin soft and healthy. The soothing and comfortable diaper brand is also odor resistant, moisture wicking and thermal, and hypoallergenic - everything that a parent would ask for in a nappy. Designed with the perfect fit in mind, Andy Pandy also comes with an elastic waistband, flexible side panels and a 3-D form fitting design for preventing leaks.

Andy Pandy is also eco-friendly. As it is made bamboo as nature's renewable and most sustainable resource, Andy Pandy enables users to contribute to saving the planet with this biodegradable product.

To find out more about Andy Pandy eco-friendly diapers and its recently concluded Valentine contest on Facebook, please visit https://www.facebook.com/AndyPandyKids for information.

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