And Yet It Moves! MapsWithMe Announces Release With Map Rotation Feature

MapsWithMe announced the availability of the next update to its mobile application, MapsWithMe Pro. New version 2.2.1 performs map rotation in manual and auto follow mode, which makes it easier for users to explore the area.

The new rotate feature has already been introduced on Android version of MapsWithMe and received positive feedback. In auto follow mode the map turns automatically according to the user's direction. Manual rotation is also possible, and tapping on compass reorients the map back north.

MapsWithMe is a popular navigation application with a total amount about 800 000 downloads of its Pro (paid) and Lite (free) versions for Android and iOS. "Amazing Offline app, - one of the users is telling in the iTunes review - I decided to purchase the Pro version, while even the Lite version was enough for me. 1. It's reasonably priced. 2. It works great. 3. I may need the extra search features when I actually travel. I like how easy (and fast) it is to just download a region of the world... Simple. Fast. Effective."

The company is now at the stage of active growth and development. According to words of MapsWithMe CEO, Alex Zolotarev, the next landmark will be implementing APIs to enable usage from within 3rd party applications and services.

About MapsWithMe. MapsWithMe is the fastest mobile application that provides detailed offline maps of all the world for Android and iOS devices. It uses efficient compression and extremely fast rendering, which allows to store lots of maps in the memory of a mobile device and open them with no delay. Downloaded maps are available whenever necessary, even without network access.

MapsWithMe gets its data from OpenStreetMap project, open database of geographic information which is continuously updated by its users. Lite (free) version includes detailed maps of all countries of the world; Pro (paid) version, besides the maps, also provides additional features, such as offline search and map rotation.

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MapsWithMe is a Swiss-Belarusian company founded in 2011. The company focuses on developing offline mobile maps MAPS.ME and offline travel guides GuideWithMe for mobile devices.

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