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Ancient World Mysteries, the Experience

The completed series of J.C. Vintner's Ancient Earth Mysteries, available in one book with more insightful articles added. Included with the master works are never before written first-hand accounts from Vintner's personal life.

The journey and the experience. Life as we know it, and the world around us, continue to inspire an incredible amount of questions even after thousands of years of technical innovation. Discovering answers to those questions sometimes completely alter the understanding of who we are spiritually, where we came from, and what our future holds. From building amazingly complex structures to exploring personal enlightenment, unanswered questions are capable of motivating the most astonishing feats ever known to mankind. Throughout a lifetime we are faced with moments that forever change us. In those moments we are given the opportunity to persevere; to adapt and overcome those obstacles placed before us.

Contained within is a compelling, personal journey of clairvoyance experienced by the author, J.C. Vintner, in a transcendent rite of passage. The experience forever changed how Vintner understands mankind's place in the universe and prompted an extensive, ongoing research effort to explain the unexplained by means of relation and relativity. Along with Vintner's experience is the complete three volume ancient mysteries series including Ancient Earth Mysteries, Mysteries of the Universe, and Legendary Cryptids, expanded with additional research articles and notes. By opening pathways deep within the mind, expanding our perception of knowledge, and accepting alternative explanations to our existence, we may begin to recognize the ultimate beauty of our reality and the cosmos. Ancient World Mysteries explores these pathways by tapping into the knowledge of our ancient ancestors in search of a hidden truth able to explain our existence as one with the universe.

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