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An Unfamiliar Race in Sapce

If Blacks on Earth were given the choice to either leave or stay, which would they choose?

Filmmaker/Author DeForest Mapp writes a provocative science fiction romance novel entitled, "The Great Departure, The House of Erydia". The novel was written to give readers a chance to witness the inception of an advanced spiritually technological race of people on Earth 4.5 billion years ago.

For roughly 439 years and to this day, Africans and their descendants have been the only people enslaved in the United States. But if slaves were the descendants of a remnant of those who stayed behind, why did the rest choose to depart? Where did they depart to?

"A question we should all ask ourselves is 'Are we where we're supposed to be?'"
-- Khalil Abdul Muhammad

Right now, "The Great Departure, The House of Erydia" (Ah rid e Yuh') is only offered as an ebook and is available for 5 USD on its home website,

About the Author, DeForest Mapp
A native of Portsmouth, Virginia, DeForest K. Mapp has had a sincere interest in U.S., Virginia, and African American History since grade school, and continues to hold a passion for learning the history of this global population segment. After receiving a B.S. in Architectural Engineering and a MBA from Tennessee State University, DeForest moved to Los Angeles to begin his career in film. There, he joined the Production team at Warner Bros. Studios in 2003 where he worked on the following feature films: The Matrix Reloaded, The Matrix Revolutions, Superman, Catwoman, Scooby Doo, Lucky You, The Last Samurai, and Constantine.

For more information about "The Great Departure, The House of Erydia", please visit or contact DeForest Mapp at 626-536-0580.

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