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An Unbiased Review Of Motor Club Of America (MCA): Is MCA A Scam Or A Legitimate Home-Based Business?

There's a buzz on the internet about a home-based business called Motor Club of America (MCA). In this challenging economy, many turn to home-based business opportunities for income. Is MCA a scam or a legitimate home-based business? Find out here.

Motor Club of America is the newest addition to their parent company TVC Marketing based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma which has been in business since 1926. The services are available in the USA and Canada. The MCA membership services include: unlimited emergency road side service, emergency towing service up to 100 miles, lawyer service for moving violations, $500 travel assistance reimbursement, credit card protection, up to $54,000 in hospital benefits, accidental death benefit and much more.

In recent months Motor Club of America has gone viral, taking the network marketing industry by storm. After being in business for 86 years and marketing its services the traditional ways, Motor Club of America implemented an "associate referral program" in 2011. This associate referral program has by far the most lucrative compensation plan within the auto club membership industry.

The fact that Motor Club of America doesn't charge anyone a fee in order to become an associate partner within the MCA associate referral program indicates that MCA's business model is in fact legitimate. MCA's "Total Security" membership package costs $19.95 per month. You are required to pay 2 months when you join for a total of $39.90. With your membership you receive a free website that allows you to refer others to MCA. For each referral MCA will pay $80. So for those looking for extra income MCA may be a way to do so.

With the purchase of a MCA membership you are automatically qualified to be an affiliate for MCA and refer their membership packages as much as you like. When you sell a MCA membership to someone for $39.90, MCA will pay you 200% of the initial sale. This means for every sale you would get $80. That is pretty awesome!

Nowadays, people are paying less attention to TV ads, newspaper ads and radio ads because they are preoccupied with social media especially Facebook. In response to this trend, more and more companies are using social media to create exposure for their products. By starting an affiliate program, MCA is tapping the exposure and advertising that affiliates create with their social media involvement. This is a win-win situation for MCA and their affiliates.

One can actually make more than $80 per referral once you have made 5 sales in a week. Someone could make as much as $90 per membership sold. Some may asks, how can MCA afford to pay such lucrative commissions to its affiliates? The answer is simple. With each membership sold, MCA gets 2 monthly payments upfront and their history in the motor club industry has shown that the majority of people who purchase a membership keep it for well past 2 months. MCA boasts a high retention rate as their product provides such great value to their customers. With a high retention rate, MCA can in fact afford to pay out the commissions they offer their affiliates.

A few months ago Motor Club of America went a step further with their compensation plan and made it even better with the introduction of a 3X8 matrix. If you buy the platinum membership which cost $39.99/month, the upfront cost is $79.98, you are automatically put into a forced 3X8 matrix and you qualify for residual income and spillover. MCA boasts myriad benefits for having the platinum package including monthly bonus checks which is paid out the 15th of each month. Moreover, your monthly fee can be taken out of your commission checks so you really do not have to pay out-of-pocket again for your membership with a little effort to work this business. So, not only would MCA affiliates who join at this level have great motor club benefits, they would also have a residual income and never have to pay for the membership out-of-pocket again.

One of the features that MCA affiliates are most excited about is that MCA pays their affiliates every Friday. So, if someone was willing to put some effort into sharing MCA with others, they could really make substantial amounts of money each and every week.

In summarizing and bringing this PR to a conclusion, it is evident that Motor Club of America is definitely NOT a scam and a legitimate home-based business that has lucrative rewards for its affiliates. MCA's longevity has earned the trust of its members. It offers a product that is affordable, desirable and marketable. With MCA's history and trusted name for almost 90 years it makes it a great home-based business that could make affiliates substantial income and residual income for many years to come.

You can become a part of one of the best home-based business opportunities available today. Get your "Motor Club of America" membership today, learn how to automate the marketing process and double your money by next week by simply sharing your membership benefits with everyone you come in contact with online and offline and be on your way to building a prosperous home-based business by visiting the link below:

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