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AMTC Holds NYC Auditions at Empire Meadowlands Hotel in New Jersey on January 19th

Actors Models and Talent for Christ is calling on talented aspirants to take the first step toward their big break in the entertainment industry by participating in the AMTC auditions happening January 19th, 2013 in New Jersey.

That burning desire to showcase any talent and live the passion is unmistakably demonstrated by the sheer number of people patiently waiting in long queues - just gain a spot on television shows or appear in films. Now more than ever, people want their God-given talents seen and heard, and make a great career out of it.

Actors Models and Talent for Christ is a ministry, a mission and a movement that provides aspiring performers with professional direction, industry introductions, and spiritual preparation so they can shine for Christ in the entertainment industry.

Since its inception in 1982, AMTC has been paving the path for talented dreamers regardless of age or skill level. The movement is calling on individuals to heed the call to venture into the entertainment industry as a creative expression of their love of God. Whether 4 or 84, beginner or professional, AMTC provides anyone richly endowed with talents the opportunity to make a career out of singing, acting, modeling and dancing.

Continuing the quest to help talented hopefuls make use of their God-given flair for the show business, AMTC is holding an audition for New York and New Jersey talents at 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. on January 19th, 2012. The NJ and NYC auditions invite would-be stars to show what they've got at the Empire Meadowlands Hotel by Clarion, formerly the Crowne Plaza Meadowlands-Secaucus, in New Jersey.

Actors, models, singers, and dancers from ages 4 and up at the NYC auditions will be evaluated by talent scout Derek Morgan, who plays Thomas Gibson on Lifetime's For The People, and has appeared on Comedy Central's Onion Sports Dome and the TV series Joan of Arcadia. A real talent who is reaping success in the entertainment field, Derek's lead performance in Black Olive in Los Angeles, led to his NAACP Theatre Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor.

While founded by and for Christians, AMTC welcomes all faiths and people of good intention to participate in the upcoming auditions. Anyone can sign up on for the event.

By way of AMTC, many have made a lucrative career or business in the entertainment industry, and become effective role models to aspirants like they once were. AMTC is proud to have provided that bridge between performers for God and the entertainment industry, producing over 1,300 success stories. Through the New York auditions, AMTC is on a mission to do the same for thousands more.

To sign up for the upcoming NYC and NJ casting calls, please visit for information.

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