AmericaPlast EXPO - The World's First Plastics And Rubber Virtual Trade Show To Launch On January 31, 2014

Sponsored by leading plastics and rubber companies, AmericaPlast EXPO - the World's First Plastics and Rubber Virtual Trade Show is scheduled to open, Friday, January 31, 2014.

AmericaPlast EXPO, the World's First e-Trade Show for Plastics and Rubber industries will open from Jan. 31, 2014 onwards. AmericaPlast EXPO, a TradingVest LATAM project, gathers premier plastics and rubber raw materials providers, plastics and rubber transformation machinery manufacturers, semi-finished plastic product manufacturers and related services providers in a permanent 24/7 collaborative electronic event.

The AmericaPlast EXPO is sponsored by premier class companies such as Carnevalli, Cope, Nicieza & Taverna - Grilon, LEV Termoplasticos and Plasticos Dise to offer the ultimate technology in multimedia communications, interactive global networking and collaboration with marketing automation to constantly connect raw materials and machinery providers with plastics and rubber transformation companies.

"AmericaPlast will revolutionize the communication process between raw materials and equipment suppliers and their current and potential clients in order to build the most efficient and powerful networking environment for the plastics and rubber industries," TradingVest LATAM CEO and AmericaPlast Director, Eduardo Gils said.

For AmericaPlast EXPO e-Trade Show, TradingVest LATAM partnered with eZ-Xpo, the technological company located in San Francisco, Ca. which provides the virtual platform where the virtual Showcase was built in.

"We are very excited to partner with TradingVest LATAM in having such an important role with AmericaPlast, as it represents a historical event for one of the most traditional sectors like oil and petrochemicals," said Matt Fok, eZ-Xpo CEO and Founder. "We were able to eliminate the geographical and temporal limits to make the show accessible for anyone in the global market."

eZ-Xpo is the world's first all-in-one fully automated virtual trade show platform with full social network integration, presenting from now onward, a new LIVE Webcast platform feature enabling to present LIVE or pre-recorded webcasts simultaneously from every e-booth.

"Just try to imagine the synergetic power of a permanent collaboration between polymers and transformation technology creators and the plastics and rubber products manufacturers. This was not possible until now, but now it's available at AmericaPlast EXPO," added Fok.

AmericaPlast EXPO is a part of the AmericaPlast Project, a unique multimedia collaborative marketing project also composed by AmericaPlast NEWS, AmericaPlast e-Conferences and AmericaPlast e-Trade Missions.

AmericaPlast NEWS is a news portal which is completely integrated with the AmericaPlast EXPO providing industry breaking news, supplier information, technical analysis, financial information and cases studies for the plastics and rubber sectors. Global and regional companies including Eastman Chemical, Colloids, Carnevalli, MetaStock , e-Global Trading, COPE, Himapel, Pavan Zanetti, Plasticos Dise, Grilon-Nicieza & Taverna, Proveedora Quimica-Lanxess and others will participate and collaboratein AmericaPlast NEWS.

AmericaPlast e-Conferences, a sponsored e-Conferences program, are slated to be presented every two months by world class companies such BASF, Carnevalli, COPE, Plasticos Dise, etc. The conferences covers a complete set of technical topics and most of the market applications such food packaging, engineering plastics, compounding technology, rubber processing technology, injection molding, and others.

AmericaPlast e-Trade Missions is an International virtual cluster program between private companies willing to launch or expand their international business and looking for clients, partners and investors.

AmericaPlast EXPO will be open to the public 24/7 on Jan. 31 onwards. Early registration for AmericaPlast EXPO is now open and available at http://www.americaplastnews.com/americaplast-expo-early-registration.html

For more information please contact Andrea Gils at media@tradingvest.com or call 941-870-2151.

Here is a short list of sponsors and exhibitors:

• Carnevalli
• Cope
• Nicieza & Taverna - Grilon
• LEV Termoplasticos
• Plasticos Dise
• Pavan Zanetti
• Termocolor

About TradingVest LATAM

TradingVest LATAM, located in Sarasota, Fla., is a consulting company focusing on international business development and market intelligence services with emphasis on financial services, oil and petrochemicals, technology, and education. The company counts with a highly experienced staff of 30 years in planning, building and conducting proprietary trading companies in key countries such as Argentina, Brazil, and the United States.

For more information about TradingVest LATAM please visit tradingvest.com

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