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American Concrete Institute And Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute-Certified Adhesive Anchor Installers Gain Reference Through New ICC-Evaluation Service

The American Concrete Institute announces the addition of referenced provisions in the International Code Council Evaluation Service "Acceptance Criteria for Post-Installed Adhesive Anchors in Concrete Elements, Subject AC308-0631-R1 (AHG/HS)."

The newly referenced provisions are originally published in "ACI 318: Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete" to ensure adhesive anchor installation personnel have been certified in accordance with the American Concrete Institute's and Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute's joint Adhesive Anchor Installer Certification program, or equivalent. Further, the provisions specify performance of adhesive anchors installed in horizontal or upwardly inclined orientations to resist sustained tension loads, as well as continuous monitoring by qualified inspectors to ensure required installation procedures are followed. Inclusion of these references by ICC Evaluation Service (ICC-ES) ensure personnel qualified for the adhesive anchor system and installation procedures are being used.

This development is expected to increase demand for the certification program even in areas that have not yet adopted the latest International Building Code as ICC-ES reports are routinely reviewed by Inspectors who enforce their provisions.

Participants in the ACI-CRSI Adhesive Anchor Installer certification program are required to complete written and performance exams which require them to: read, comprehend, and execute instructions to properly install adhesive anchors; possess the knowledge to properly assess ambient conditions, the condition of the concrete, materials, equipment, and tools for installing adhesive anchors; and determine when it is appropriate to proceed with an installation or when additional guidance from a supervisor or project engineer is needed.

Development of a companion certification program for Inspectors of Adhesive Anchor Installations began in April 2013 by ACI-CRSI joint committee C680, and is expected to be completed in 2015.

"Through the joint ACI-CRSI Adhesive Anchor Installer certification program, development of the forthcoming Adhesive Anchor Installation Inspector certification program, and ACI's many online, hands-on, or face-to-face education programs, we confirm our commitment to providing adhesive anchor installation professionals with the knowledge needed to use concrete effectively," said Ronald G. Burg, P.E., Executive Vice President, American Concrete Institute. "References included in the ICC Evaluation Service 'Acceptance Criteria for Post-Installed Adhesive Anchors in Concrete Elements, Subject AC308-0631-R1 (AHG/HS)' accelerate the Institute's ability to increase awareness, educate, and certify adhesive anchor installers, further improving the safety and durability of concrete adhesive anchors."

To learn more about the ACI-CRSI Adhesive Anchor Installer certification program, the adhesive anchor provisions from ACI 318, or the reference by the ICC Evaluation Service, visit

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