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America's Newest International Airline

Baltia Airlines (OTCQB:BLTA), the only development-stage corporation undergoing FAA Part 121 Air Carrier Certification, is poised to become America's newest and hottest international airline.

As Baltia Airlines (OTCQB: BLTA) readies for takeoff from JFK International Airport to its first of several European destinations, this bold startup is situated for explosive growth from the recent increase in tourism to Eastern European cities. From St. Petersburg to Minsk, Baltia has several advantageous flight routes that will set it above and beyond any competing airlines.

St. Petersburg, Russia, one of the more famous and popular cities in Europe, is growing at a very rapid pace. Appropriately named "The Tourist Capital," St. Petersburg brings twice the amount of money to its economy from foreigners visiting the city than it does from Russians1. It is not only the number one tourist destination of Russia, but also the cultural hotspot. From the majestic Winter Palace, to the historic Kikin Hall, St. Petersburg offers a near infinite number of sights and destinations for tourists.

How do tourists flying from JFK International Airport arrive to this city of over 5 million residents? The best option at the moment is to take a transferring flight from another city, which frequently takes as long as 17 to 18 hours, and will undoubtedly leave visitors with little to no energy for sightseeing. However, Baltia offers the millions of annual visitors to St. Petersburg the option of flying direct, non-stop to Pulkova International Airport in approximately 8 hours, saving passengers an incredible amount of time and energy.

What sets Baltia truly apart from peer airlines is its exclusive route to St. Petersburg. This route alone has been estimated to have an average value of $50 million, with this figure gradually increasing as the company grows and becomes a point of interest for a possible buyout from companies that seek to profit from the highly lucrative JFK-St. Petersburg direct route.

In addition to the exclusive route, Baltia has managed to remain debt free, which in and of itself is nearly unheard of for an international airline. By being a publicly traded company, it has been able to focus on getting its certification via investor funding, not toxic financing that has unfortunately been the downfall of countless companies. With certification estimated to be just a few weeks away, it seems that after a hard fought battle to become a certified international airline, Baltia is ready to begin flying passengers in 2014.


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