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America Air Quality Started AC Servicing Packages At A Cheaper Rate

America Air Quality introduced the exclusive platinum and silver packages for complete maintenance and servicing of the air conditioning unit within a much reduced rate.

America Air Quality, a reputed Florida air conditioning company has taken initiative to repair and service the residential and commercial air conditioning unit through exclusive package systems. The packages will incorporate several services that the central air conditioner generally demands for proper air circulation and ventilation in the building.

For the Floridians, the summer season is the prime time for AC servicing as the entire Florida region stays under the hot summer spell. However, servicing the central air conditioner is a dilemma for most of the Floridians due to its complicated internal and external devices. The unavailability of experienced and trained AC technicians also adds to the effect and it ends up producing an unfavorable atmosphere in the building.
Research concluded that every house in Florida has installed air conditioner and ahead of summer, this air cooling and heating device adequately needs the basic maintenance service to run effortlessly without polluting the indoor air quality. Separate repairing and cleaning service often fails to analyze and restore the overall complication of the AC machine and the device gets left over with the defective parts.

Observing the current scenario, America Air Quality introduced two exclusive AC maintenance and servicing packages. Silver and platinum are the two extensive and valuable AC packages of this company that offer an overall AC treatment through trained and expert AC technicians within a much reduced cost. AC air duct cleaning, ac tune-up and additionally the dryer vent cleaning are the services which the silver package includes. The platinum package on the contrary is an exclusive package that combines air purifier installation, ac air duct cleaning master, complete ac tune-up and dryer vent cleaning.

The company concluded that the servicing packages help to ensure proper air circulation and the overall AC parts maintenance. People can achieve fresh indoor air circulation and peak efficiency of the central air conditioning ahead of the summer season with the use of these servicing packages.

America Air Quality is a Florida based air conditioning company, who is a leading provider of innovative AC machines and offers excellent AC servicing, installation and repair. To know more about the company visit

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