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Altrient™ Refreshes Their Campaign With A New Look This Fall

Altrient™ steps up to the plate with new promotions, a fresher website and by traveling throughout the country.

With a new season comes a new look and most brands recognize the same theme will not cut it for long. This is why Altrient™ recently revisited their campaign. The brand has given their website a fresher feel, placed their spokesperson throughout the country and is continually working side-by-side with CrossFit efforts.

The latest website features CrossFit Athlete Cheryl Brost and what Altrient™ has done to benefit her heavy workout routine. Cheryl is an intense competitor in the annual CrossFit games that take place in California. Additionally, she is a mother of two who is dedicated to healthily partaking in a busy lifestyle. She is a role model to women and mothers alike who find the need to juggle the many demands that surface everyday.

Altrient™ finds it important to support women throughout the country from Texas to North Carolina. The brand has been seen as an active contributor to Women Expos as well as in gym and fitness events across the country! Recently, Altrient™ has been providing contest winners with complementary 30-day supplies of Altrient™C so these participants can really see what the hype is all about. The ultimate goal is to broaden product awareness and truly make Altrient™ available at a wider spectrum.

For more information on where to get vitamin C, the health benefits of Altrient™ and to receive a 30-day risk free trial visit or call 1-888-437-6353. Start the day out right with a healthy dose of vitamin C.

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