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Up-and-coming attorney focuses on clients first, charity second, and community third.

Local attorney, Jeff Althaus, has shifted his legal efforts to serve the community with his estate planning knowledge. By launching a firm that specializes in avoiding crisis through planning, Mr. Althaus will be able to help his clients be prepared for and recover from unexpected events. Furthermore, his strong sense of community and charity has prompted him to donate his entire 2014 salary from the firm to a local non-profit organization, Inside the Orchestra.

"My decision to pursue estate planning was reaffirmed when I learned that my friend's mother had a stroke at a relatively young age. Without a power of attorney in place, they nearly lost everything," Mr. Althaus explained. "During the ordeal, they endured unnecessary stress attempting to figure things out and spent substantially more in court costs to resolve the issues that could have been avoided with a simple estate plan. I can't prevent the stroke, but I can stop the tidal wave it causes."

Althaus Law is built on four core principles: focus, community, compassion and understanding. The firm's dedication to researching the latest probate laws and estate planning techniques has proven to save clients and their families time, money and stress. No matter the circumstances, whether a client is taking steps to prepare for the future or whether a client is mid-emergency, Mr. Althaus approaches each case with the compassion and understanding that is necessary to navigate such complicated matters. For the firm, it is of the utmost importance to preserve what its clients have worked so hard to earn.

"Why give my entire salary to charity this year?" Mr. Althaus asks. "Think of all the good that would be accomplished if everyone did this. I'm not a rich man, I just truly believe that once people start thinking more about others, rather than themselves, the world will change for the better. One person can make a difference … even a lawyer," he grinned.

At Althaus Law, we provide focused and dedicated estate planning services to families throughout Colorado. Based out of Thornton, we help our clients to plan for the future, so they can enjoy the present. If you have questions regarding estate planning options for your family in Colorado, don't hesitate to give us a call at 720-340-2783 or contact our Thornton lawyer online. We utilize a virtual office, so we can travel to meet you for your convenience and initial consultations are free of charge.

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