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Alsbridge Continues To Support DonorsChoose With Over 300 Donations To Improve Classrooms Around The Nation

Alsbridge continues to support by placing over 300 donations on behalf of its clients and employees, in an effort to help improve classrooms around the nation.

Alsbridge Inc., the global leader in data-driven benchmarking, sourcing advisory and transformation services for IT, finance and sourcing executives, today announced their continued support of by placing over 300 donations to help improve classrooms around the nation. is an online nonprofit organization that engages the public by giving people a simple, accountable and personal way to address educational inequity by allowing users to donate directly to specific projects in public schools.

In lieu of typical gifts, this year Alsbridge said "thank you" to its clients and employees with a donation to in each of their names. The recipients are able to go online to read through over 25,000 teacher and classroom needs, "from pens for poetry to microscopes for mitochondria," and sponsor the project of their choice.

"Alsbridge takes social responsibility and commitment to the community seriously. We believe in giving directly to those who need it most," said Alsbridge founder and CEO, Ben Trowbridge. "Alsbridge also believes that education is the foundation of job creation and is vital to our future. Our charitable donation to is just one example of Alsbridge putting our corporate social responsibility belief system into action."

As of today,, has sponsored over 205,000 classroom projects in order to bring learning to life for students, primarily in high poverty neighborhoods. More than 5,000,000 students have received books, technology, supplies, field trips, class visitors and other resources, all made possible through micro donations made by over 525,000 citizen philanthropists.

"Through, each of us is able to get involved in our communities by making donations where they matter most," Trowbridge said. "Ensuring the success of our nation's economy tomorrow begins in our classrooms today."

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