Almeda University: Online Education Is About Access

A new Forbes report notes that online education provides accessibility to those who would otherwise have no way to learn-a finding that has won the attention of Almeda University.

As online education continues to grow in prevalence and influence, many educators have offered their opinions about the relative merits of virtual coursework as opposed to more traditional education models. According to a recent Forbes report, however, those who are critical of online education often frame the debate inaccurately; they claim that the argument is over online education versus traditional, when in reality the dichotomy is often between online education and no education whatsoever. The Forbes article has won the attention of Almeda University, an influential virtual campus best-known for its life experience degrees; Almeda CEO Richard Smith has responded to the article with a new statement to the press.

"The Forbes article gets to the heart of what makes online learning such an indispensable, game-changing development in the world of education," says Smith. "Namely, online education provides access. It makes it possible for people to obtain an education when more traditional models would simply not work, for practical or financial reasons. Online education is opening up new worlds of academic possibility, to eager learners all over the world, and Almeda University is thrilled to be a part of that."

The article in Forbes cites some sobering statistics about just how inaccessible traditional education is, in countries all over the world. The college level enrollment in Africa right now is a mere six percent, for instance, while in nations like Nigeria, demand for a college education is high, but limited space and resources mean that only 15 percent of those who desire a college education can obtain it. Online learning helps eliminate many of these physical barriers.

"The facilities and resources necessary for college-level education may not become more plentiful any time soon, especially not in an era of such financial strain," the Almeda University CEO notes. "However, global Internet access is continually expanding. We are happy to partner with folks who may never have the doors to education opened for them, but for an online degree program."

Smith says that Almeda University is especially devoted to making education accessible, via its famous life experience degrees. "Essentially, we try to give credit for real-world work experiences, the kinds of things that can be incredibly enriching and educational, but are not 'academic' in a traditional sense," he explains. "The hope is that this makes degree completion more attainable for a wider variety of people."


Founded in 1997, Almeda University is a web-based institution that has been teaching students from all across the globe. Students participate in a variety of classes, including mathematics, arts and sciences and religious studies, to earn a wide selection of degrees. The virtual school also offers professional development courses through its stay-at-home e-Learning channel for students that are not seeking academic degrees. The professional development courses range from Web development to health insurance. Almeda University professors make it their mission address students' unique needs and offer solid academic lessons through innovative and modern teaching methods.

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