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Allen And Associates Plans Extensive Customer Service for Support and Complaints

Allen And Associates plans to provide extensive customer service for support and complaints as part of their vision to provide the best possible customer experience.

November 24th 2009-Florida, USA-Allen And Associates - which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Workstream Inc. (NASDAQ: WSTM) - announced extensive plans for handling customer support and complaints as part of their continued drive to strengthen their position as the nations largest full-service career management company.

According to Allen And Associates, all customers of the company can talk to their relationship manager or simply talk to anyone from customer support to handle any service, support or complaints they may have or they can even use the system to get any of their queries answered by qualified personnel.

The company said they planned to enhance their already extensive customer support as part of their vision to provide the best possible customer experience and to ensure customers have a seamless working relationship with Allen And Associates. The move was also necessary as there was a lot of misinformation on the internet mainly due to lack of knowledge of the exact nature of services of the company which often lead to customers being confused.

By providing an easy way to handle any queries or complaints, customers do not have to rely on online forums and other sites. Instead they can get all the answers they need from their relationship manager.

Allen And Associates have been in the forefront of the career management industry since 1960 and their services such as career marketing, company research, executive job search etc have been a runaway success with job seekers across the US. The company has been a leader in innovations in job search and tailoring their services as per the unique requirements of each individual and the current customer support announcements are part of their vision to continuously innovate in customer relations as well.

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