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All SAT Prep Not for Everyone...Find the Right Prep for You Without Wasting Time and Money is dedicated to helping test-takers of the SAT find the right prep for themselves and avoid wasting precious time and money on the wrong prep.

The SAT may be the most important standardized test for college applicants, and, as such, it creates an enormous amount of stress and anxiety for high school students and their parents. In fact, many students begin preparing for the SAT even before they enter high school; often their core curriculum is specially tailored to train them for the SAT. All this for the sake of a three hour and 45 minute test.

Unfortunately, much of the time high school students spend preparing for the SAT amounts to little or no improvement in their scores. Companies publishing SAT prep create excellent products but usually fail to specify which type of test-taker (first-time or veteran) would benefit from their prep material. First-time test-takers are preparing for their first encounter with the SAT and require information and strategies geared toward generally good scores, while veteran test-takers are preparing to retake the SAT and, therefore, require information and strategies targeting score improvement in pursuit of the perfect 2400. understands the difference between first-time and veteran test-takers along with the prep material associated with each and uses this information to review and analyze the most popular and effective SAT prep available. then determines which type of test-taker would benefit from each of these products and makes the best possible recommendation via a free and accessible rubric for the convenience of customers. Each SAT prep material featured in this rubric links to its product page for purchase.

About provides students taking the SAT with a solution to time-consuming, ineffective preparation with materials that fail to help improve their scores. is affiliated with and offers a free analysis of the most popular and effective SAT prep materials identifying which materials meet the needs of first-time test-takes and which materials meet the needs of veteran test-takers. Visit:

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