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'All Private Tutoring Agencies Are Not Made The Same', Argues Tutors International

Most tuition agencies are not delivering the bespoke recruitment service they promise, according to Tutors International. Bespoke recruitment ensures the best placement for tutor and client, not a database-driven 'best-match' approach.

Tutors International, one of the world's foremost home tutor placement companies, today reported that client families are being 'misled' by some tuition agencies into believing that 'it doesn't matter who you go to for your private tutor, as they all have the same pool of applicants."

Adam Caller, Senior Partner of Tutors International, commented, "We were finalists in this year's Education Investor Awards for the third year running, in two categories, including the Exporting Excellence Award. We are recognised by the industry as providing the highest calibre of private tutor, recruited uniquely for that client, anywhere in the world."

Mr Caller argues that there is, like most industries, a sliding scale on which private tutoring companies sit. Some that provide per-hour tutors to students on a part-time basis sit at one end of the scale. At the other end are companies that provide bespoke, highly personalised tutor recruitment. But the majority sit in the middle, proclaiming to recruit the best tutors, but actually selecting a 'best-fit' tutor from a fairly limited selection of pre-qualified tutors.

Some tutoring agencies in London, UK, have recently whittled down their list of pre-qualified tutors even further, to a manageable 200, which means they save time by simply selecting a shortlist of candidates that meet the general requirements of the post.

""At Tutors International, we have 16,000 tutors 'registered' on our database," continued Mr Caller, "but they are not pre-qualified - we don't simply cross-match skills with the tutors in the database like a dating service. We advertise a vacancy to our 16,000 interested tutors, as well as the entire teaching profession through the prestigious TES (Times Educational Supplement) for each and every new position, thus ensuring that we source our tutors from the widest of teacher pools. This ensures a truly bespoke service, and is the only way to ensure the highest calibre of tutor that exactly meets that client's needs."

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