All-New PortPrep Blog Offers Better Information To Help Students Get Into Arts College

The PortPrep Blog is revamped with a more user-friendly design and better information to provide college applicants the best experience when looking for advice on how to make a winning art portfolio.

PortPrep, a website dedicated to helping students create their art portfolios for college, aims to reach out to more students by providing more accessible and relevant information on their blog at the start of this year.

Launched in 2013, the PortPrep offers chockfull of information on how to make an art portfolio the right way, as well as tips and advice for upcoming college freshmen.

The improvements made to the PortPrep Blog goes in line with the organization's mission to give high school seniors a better chance of getting into the best art and design programs in college.

The blog is divided into different categories. Art Portfolio Advice covers the basics on where to begin in building a winning art portfolio. Best Art Portfolio features the best portfolios from different students to inspire students when making their own. Tutorial Tuesday is a weekly series that shows tutorial videos on how students can improve their art skills. Drawing Tips teaches students on how to build the most fundamental skill that art students should master.

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About PortPrep

PortPrep owner Karen Kesteloot, also known as "The Admission Insider," is an experienced art instructor who once taught in the Illustration Program at Sheridan College. During her time at Sheridan, there were a lot of talented young artists applying but had really poor presentations and were therefore declined. Ever since then, Karen set up PortPrep so she can share her knowledge to students and teach them how to put their works together to show how talented they really are.

Through PortPrep, Karen now has a 100% acceptance rate in which all students whom she coached got into their choice of art and design colleges!

To learn more on how PortPrep can help aspiring college art students, copy and paste the link below to your browser.


Tags: portprep blog,tutorial tuesday, best art portfolio,drawing tips,art portfolio advice

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Tags: art portfolio advice, best art portfolio, drawing tips, portprep blog, tutorial tuesday

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