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Born in a middle class family in Okanagan, Alexander Michael Hill, became one of the most respected and renowned photographers in the world in the 20th Century.

Alexander Michel Hill, a veteran Photographer Okanagan with 25 years of rich experience in graphic designing and photography, based out of the city of Okanagan, USA, threw an exhibition at the National Hall of his most finest and best ever work in sport photography.

"This is truly one of the most magnificent work of Alexander that I have seen till date. I have in the past witnessed some brilliant work by him in event photography, wedding photography and even action photography. However, this is without a doubt the most exquisite work by Alexander ever. I can almost feel like the rugby players, the basketball players, come to life in every photograph" said a senior art curator who is also a friend of Alexander Michael Hill for the past 10 years.

Few correspondents from the World Photography Organisation who were visiting the exhibition stated at the press meet post the exhibition that some of Alexander's work which was displayed at this exhibition will be featured in their forthcoming issue of their magazine, along with a special interview excerpts.

Alexander is a renowned artist known globally for his exquisite photography and graphic designing skills. Speaking at the occasion, Hill said "This is just the beginning of my career. I want to innovate as a Wedding Photographer Okanagan
in every single assignment that I take up and want to be remembered for the work that I have executed."

The attendees at the exhibition which took place at National Hall were in awe of Alexander's work and were all praises of his work. They were looking forward to Alexander's upcoming exhibition which is scheduled in March this year, which will showcase his nature photography, highlighting his work done in Okanagan.

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