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Albuquerque Dentist Suggests Dentures As Replacement Teeth

Discover the affordable cosmetic dental option called dentures or dental prostheses. Dr Terry Gomez, DDS discusses the benefits of using dentures.

Dentures are definitely one alternative to consider in order to replace teeth that were damaged from tooth decay, mouth injury or gum problems such as periodontitis. Dentures are detachable dental prostheses, which are actually a set of false teeth attached to a plate that has been molded to the contour of your gums, allowing the new set of teeth as your own. With the missing teeth replaced, you are able to speak clearly and eat normally.

In previous eras, dentures appeared unattractive because they looked too artificial and unnatural. As Dr Terry Gomez, DDS, a dentist in Albuquerque, New Mexico, tells, the advances in modern dentistry provided people with dentures that look like natural teeth and they can be worn more comfortably today. People do not have to endure wearing a set of hideous-looking, unnatural teeth.

According to the Albuquerque family dentist, dentures are still considered as a last alternative in replacing teeth.

"At present, a dental professional will really try their best to preserve a patient's natural teeth whenever possible", explains Dr Terry Gomez, DDS.

A dental procedure called dental implant, can offer a permanent solution to missing teeth than dentures. But if other methods are no longer workable or the patient may not choose the other options, then dentures can be recommended as tooth replacement. Obviously, not everyone will be fit for dental implants as there are additional requirements pertaining to the health of the person, in order for the new dental implant to become successful.

There are different types of dentures, clarifies the Albuquerque general dentist, like the full denture and the partial denture. In addition, some dentures are used for the short term, such as after a tooth or gum surgery procedure until a permanent replacement tooth can be prepared. According to Dr Terry Gomez, DDS, "regardless of which type of dentures is used, the dentures available at present are more natural-looking and aesthetically pleasant as compared to the old versions of false teeth, with a real match to the person's teeth color and size of teeth".

The Albuquerque dentist added, "When wearing dentures, one should practice proper denture hygiene. Maintaining the cleanliness of dentures is important to avoid the formation of unappealing odors. This way, the dental prosthetic can really offer a valuable use in the mouths of many people".

Dr Terry Gomez, DDS, practices Albuquerque General Dentistry. For more information about her practice, visit http://terrygomezdds.com or call 505-296-5200.

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