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Aladin Brick Lane Fetches Rave Reviews From The World's Best Magazines And Journals

Brick Lane, London based Aladin restaurant is undeniably one of the world's best Indian curry restaurants that serve authentic Indian delicacies.

Avid foodies who love Indian food and delicacies would have visited Aladin, one of the most prominent Indian curry houses in London, once or twice for sure. Since the year Aladin Brick Lane started its operations, it has been serving mouth-watering cuisine to its dedicated customers, who keep coming back to the restaurant for enjoying different tastes and flavours of the Indian sub continent. For approximately 30 years now, the best curry restaurant in Brick Lane has been fetching rave reviews from foodies who find Aladin Brick Lane as a one-stop destination to satiate their taste buds. Anyone who wants to enjoy lip-smacking curry or other dishes can visit Aladin to find out why major newspapers, websites, journals, and other media sources speak so highly of the restaurant.

Talking about various accolades and prizes conferred to Aladin Brick Lane, a senior restaurant official commented, "According to WhatPolls, Aladin serves the Best Brick Lane Curry and is doing so for two consecutive years. Thanks to our loyal customers and their continued support, we now excel in offering the best quality food, such as Sylhety native cuisine, Indian curry, and other great delicacies to our guests. Aladin is a great venue for social gatherings and parties. Capital Radio (95.8FM) has acknowledged us as one of the Best Curry Houses of East London. Moreover, we were the Best Indian Runner up and the Winner of Customer Excellence Award at London's Archant Food and Drinks Award."

Aladin offers customers a flavour of Indian, Bangladeshi and Pakistani cuisines. According to the BBC, Aladin is one of the world's best curry houses. Going a step ahead, HRH Prince Charles has earlier praised Aladin for serving authentic Indian delicacies.

The restaurant official told us further, "We further feel extremely proud and privileged for getting 5-star rating from the Evening Standard. Such awards, laurels, and appreciations inspire us to serve our clients in the best possible way."

Are you looking for best restaurant in Brick Lane? If yes, you would find Aladin Brick Lane perfectly suited to your expectations and fancies. You may visit the official website of the restaurant for more information or drop in your email query.

About Aladin Brick Lane:

Aladin Brick Lane, one of the best Indian curry restaurants in East London is strategically located amid major clubs and bars, which makes it a perfect choice for all desirous of revivifying their parties with Indian flavour and delicacies. Since the restaurant has always strived to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction, Aladin Brick Lane now enjoys a decent client base, aside from the patronage of the likes of Prince Charles and other celebrities. The World's leading magazines and journals have rated Aladin Brick Lane as one of the most famous Indian restaurants in London. Thanks to excellent services and great ambiance, The Telegraph and Evening Standard have recognized Aladin as one of the most remarkable restaurants of the nation. Aladin proudly asks you to visit for best restaurants in Brick Lane.

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Aladin Brick Lane
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London E1 6RU
Phone: 020 7247 8210

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Aladin Brick Lane
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