AIRTAME Joins the Million Dollar Crowdfunding Club

With that, AIRTAME also becomes the 8th most successfully funded project on Indiegogo of all time. In the time of writing AIRTAME has raised more than $1,1M.

Over 7 times as much as expected - with over 11,000 contributions from more than 80 different countries in just 60 days. Almost $700k has been raised in the past 2 weeks alone.
Hitting the $1M mark also means that AIRTAME can welcome support for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

"Since we reached our funding goal after just 12 days, we have added some cool and demanded stretch goals. It's just good crowdfunding style. We get more, you get more." says Jonas Gyalokay, CEO of AIRTAME.

AIRTAME has reached all its stretch goals by now - 6 of 6. This means that the AIRTAME solution also will come with:

• An updated product design
• Official firmware to the Raspberry Pi
• USB support
• Dual core processor
• Dual band Wi-Fi
• Apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

"After coming home with the Best Startup Award from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, we were really motivated to go out there and really see what could be achieved" says Jonas Gyalokay, CEO of AIRTAME. He continues "That is why we have set the ultimate goal in wireless HDMI® - tablet and mobile support across all of the major platforms, which has been the most demanded extension to our technology - by far."

Using the power of the crowd to source the best uses for the product
Using crowdfunding was not the only way that the organisation has been utilising the crowd for - as the majority of features and direction of the AIRTAME device to date, have been crowdsourced.
"When you get into the mindset of being able to listen to your customer in real time from the very start, it allows you to make informed and rational decisions very quickly" says Brian Kyed, CMO of AIRTAME.
It was due to this reason, that during the weekend the AIRTAME team released an additional feature to the recently reached stretch goal - support for Windows based smartphones and tablets.
"With a large number of users across the globe, it was a frequently requested item in the user forums and a natural evolution to our portfolio of supported platforms" says Attila Sukosd, CTO of AIRTAME. He continues "Now we will be able to support the three biggest platforms for computers, smartphones and tablets."

Final countdown
AIRTAME is still live at Indiegogo for a few more hours. The campaign will end January 20th, 2014 at 11:59pm PT. Pre-orders is still open until then and the dongle can be claimed at for $89. The expected retail price will be $99 and it will most likely be available on the physical as well as online shelves in Q3 of 2014.

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