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Many travelers like to travel by air instead of by land or water because the trip is shorter.

Many travelers like to travel by air instead of by land or water because the trip is shorter. They also get pampered while on board the plane, with the flight attendants seeing to their every need. Travelers just have to sit there and wait for the plane to land. Other than boredom or muscle cramps, air travelers have little else to worry about.

However, that does not mean that visitors should fly into Canada unprepared. For starters, foreigners need to obtain several documents which are required to enter the country. This includes visas or other travel documents, authorization letters from parents of underage children, and other necessary documents that will be checked upon arrival at the airport.

This brings us to the first tip on the list: keep your travel documents and other important papers in your carry-on bag. You should be able to reach for them easily when it is your turn at the counter. Keep other important documents here too, such as Super Visa insurance, IDs, reservation receipts, etc. For security, it may also be safer if you use a sturdy sling bag with a zipper lock. You will not need to let it go unless required by security for baggage checks.

Speaking of bags, airlines flying into Canada usually allow passengers to bring at most two small pieces of luggage or one large bag along with a carry-on bag. Here is a second tip: try to travel as light as possible as bags usually weigh an average of 22 lb, and carrying more than this would definitely put a crimp on your vacation. Additional fees are also required if your suitcase exceeds the weight limit or if you are carrying extra bags. Also, if you are bringing gifts for friends and family in Canada, do not wrap them.

Take note too that if you or any of your companions have special health needs, like having to walk with a walker or a guide dog, or needing a wheelchair, you should inform the airline when you book your tickets. This way there will be someone to assist you when you arrive in the waiting area.

Bringing pets into Canada is permissible, but there are rules that must be followed. First, you have to check with the airline to see if they can accommodate live animals on the plane. You may be allowed to have your pet with you in the cabin, provided that it has its own carrier, can be tucked under the seats, and weighs 22 lbs. or less. Next, make sure you have the official papers from your vet declaring your pet to be in good health.

If your travel time is going to take several hours then you may want to bring some dry, solid food with you. Yes, there is food served on the plane, but depending on your seat class, you may have to pay for it. Besides, you may get hungry when they are not serving any snacks or beverages. You can buy snacks from the shops in the waiting area or bring a homemade snack with you. Show the contents of the containers if you are asked by security.

Finally, wear simple, comfortable clothes and shoes so that security can quickly check you over. And bring along a jacket to keep you warm on the plane.

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