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Air Filtration Requirements During Construction Of Hospitals

A hospital is the place where people go when they are unhealthy. This is why a hospital needs the healthiest environment. Air filters make that possible when used in the time of construction.

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With increasing levels of pollutants in the air, it is necessary to have proper air filtration in place in both homes and public spaces. While this is becoming a crucial phenomenon in various scenarios nowhere is its importance more evident than in the construction of hospitals. It is a fact well known that most of the health-care facilities are present in regions that are both polluted and congested. In order to keep patient safe and infection free it is necessary to maintain a germ free environment at all times. This is possible only with a sturdy air filtration system that takes away all the headaches related to such a problem.

How filters work at hospitals?

Effective air filters or membrane is able to first capture and then immobilizes the organic aerosols permanently at low pressures. When harmful organic compounds encounter robust filters, they transform into a viscoelastic cohesive mass that is unable to evaporate or reenter the environment it emerged. Such filters are highly effective and ideal for hospital settings where a number of different factors lead to development of health hazards. It is important to note that regular filters that people use at home fall ineffective when it comes to use in a healthcare environment.

Location of the hospitals

Those who want to know the necessity of air filtration consideration at hospitals will note that such establishments are present in areas where the maximum number of people can benefit from the situation and avail the facilities available. Because of their congested location in cities and roads nearby for easy transport, hospitals grapple with high level of pollutants in the air in surrounding environment. Air filters work overtime in such situations continuously removing diesel, smoke, and dust particles.

High pollutant levels

Hospital construction companies need to consider the high level of pollutants from car parks, nearby transport on the roads as well as frequent/periodic diesel generator use. An idea regarding what kind of toxins one need to restrict from entering the antiseptic environment can help such companies to make the right selections when it comes to choice of air filters. Air contamination in the hospital setting occur from a wide range of sources including evaporative material, organic volatile compounds, diesel vehicles and constructions within the hospital premises or areas nearby.

What the air filters remove

The main function of the air filters is the removal of toxic hydrocarbons from the delicate environment and save patients from further infections or occurrence of diseases. This is especially true for pediatric and critical care units. When it comes to removal of hydrocarbons, there are two major categories. This includes organic semi-volatile compounds and second group solvents and plasticizers that remain inherent in the cleaning compounds as well as different construction material.

Hospital design and construction is a specialized job where there is an increased stress on the air filtration process. Reliable and reputed construction companies understand this stringent medical environment requirement and install robust and effective filtering mechanism that promotes health and keeps germs at bay.

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