Aimersoft Studio Offers DRM Removal Tool for Easy Amazon to iTunes Conversion

Aimersoft Studio is in the business of developing and selling powerful video and audio software and tools, with particular emphasis on removal of Digital Rights Management properties and file conversion.

Amazon, the largest online retailer, keeps up with the highly digital world with a products and services portfolio that now embraces a wealth of high-quality movies, TV shows for sale or rent, which viewers can opt to enjoy on HD. However, Amazon Instant Videos are Windows Media Video files protected by Digital Rights Management therefore making it impossible for owners of Apple devices to enjoy.

Aimersoft Studio, a leading developer and seller of video and audio software, offers the top-of-the-line conversion tools to reverse file-device incompatibilities and limitations caused by DRM issues. Founded in 2007, the company maintains a professional Research and Development Center, with products and services undergoing rigorous testing processes to ensure quality.

Helping unlock possibilities for Amazon Instant Video viewers who own Apple devices, Aimersoft Studio offers the Aimersoft DRM Removal software that quickly removes DRM protection and convert videos from Amazon to iTunes to compatible formats, as well as AVI, WMV, MKV, FLV and ASF. provides an easy-to-follow instructional guide on how to sync Amazon to iTunes iPad, iPod, iPhone and Apple TV playback. According to the website, DRM protection means the videos will play only on the device they were downloaded by; therefore, the DRM protection should be removed from the videos so as to play them on non-specified players. The website adds that as WMV is a not an iTunes-supported format, it should be converted to .mov, .mp4, or .m4v that is supported by iTunes, iPad, iPhone and iPod.

On its step-by-step guide, makes Amazon video iPad viewing possible by simply downloading, installing and launching the DRM converter, and then importing Amazon DRM WMV video files to the program. Users can choose the formats M4V, MP4, or MOV from the "Common Videos" option, or select iPad, iPhone and iPod from the "Apple" option. Removal of DRM from Amazon and conversion of Amazon movie to iTunes can then be started, which may then be followed by syncing the videos to the iPad, iPad, iPod and other Apple devices.

In addition to the DRM Removal product, Aimersoft Studio offers an extensive range of product lines encompassing DVD/Video Conversion, DRM Converter Tools, and DVD Authoring. The company is gaining huge reputation among its users for providing high quality software that fulfill their multimedia demands.

To find out more about the Aimersoft Studio DRM Removal software and file conversion products for files to work on Apple gadgets, please visit for information.

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