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Aging Seniors Can Live With Peace Of Mind

AGING SENIORS CAN LIVE WITH PEACE OF MIND - How systems and processes create independence and confidence for all family members

Aging Seniors Can Live with Peace of Mind - How systems and processes create independence and confidence for all family members

With a significant portion of the population at retirement age and well beyond, the question of how to care for aging parents has never been more important.

Christine Catoggio, Owner of Age In Place Management (AIPM), a licensed Homemaker Companion Company, and Successful Life Transitions (SLT), a Senior Care Management Company, offering planning and coordination, as well as, Life and Family Transition consulting, has found a niche in this crowded field, ensuring that options and information are available for family members involved in this particular stage of life.

With over three hundred home health care companies in Palm Beach County alone, AIPM and SLT stand out as non-medical care management sister companies providing the most important elements of senior aging; navigating through both the tactical and emotional process with help in G.uidance, P.lanning and S.upport.

"Things run smoothly when systems and processes are put into place as a result of having proper information and the ability to make empowered decisions. Elder care management is no different," said Ms. Catoggio.

As a non-medical solution provider, AIPM creates systems and processes that allow seniors, as well as their adult children, to live with peace of mind. From in home assistance to transportation options, AIPM helps families develop a plan of how and where seniors are going to live and offer guidance up through the transition to an assisted living facility if needed.

"It can be challenging for both the seniors and their adult children, especially if they don't live near each other, to feel comfortable knowing that things are running smoothly," stated Ms. Catoggio. "That's where we come in. By creating and then executing a systematic plan where seniors get what they need, in a way that feels like an extension of family, both they and their adult children have confidence that they can continue to live with dignity and that results in a sense of peace."

Where AIPM handles the practical tasks required to live semi-independently, its sister company, Successful Life Transitions provides the emotional support as an augmentation to the direct logistical planning, through coaching services to the aging seniors and their adult children.

"The entire transitioning process affects all members of the family and most people don't realize the impact that it has," said Ms. Catoggio. "Creating systems and processes and having a plan is necessary but so is addressing the emotional piece during this time, as it can be stressful. By providing support and guidance in both areas, we are able to help everyone experience quality of life and help alleviate some of the anxiety that can occur. We work with the family so they make plans and choices that feel right to them and provide ongoing assistance throughout the entire transition, so everyone can feel as comfortable and prepared as possible."

With its hands on approach and specialization in non-medical care and support, Age In Place and Successful Life Transitions is able to provide many of the services found in larger corporations but delivers in a more personable and customized way. "The aging population will continue to become more of a focus and we're thankful we're ahead of the curve in what we provide and how we provide it," enthused Ms. Catoggio. "The only people more passionate about this issue are the family members themselves."

A frequent speaker on the topic of aging seniors and their adult children in Community Educational Forums and diverse seminars, Ms. Catoggio is also the co-author of Bold Is Beautiful, released in December, 2013. Her chapter is entitled, "Embracing Change: Every Ending Has A New Beginning".

Christine Catoggio holds a number of industry certifications. A sought after speaker and Senior Issues Educator, Christine hosts workshops and events for Women in Transition and has been a keynote presenter for both live events and radio platforms.

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