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Agewell Online Helpline for Older People

Agewell Online Helpline for Older People ... ... Agewell Foundation a leading NGO has initiated the very first Online Helpline service to assist old people.

Agewell Online Helpline for Older People
First of its kind global helpline for elderly

Agewell Foundation a leading NGO working as a service provider and advocate for needs and rights of old people has initiated the very first Online Helpline service to assist old people. Now old people and their family members can find solutions for all the problems, issues and concerns about old age online.

Mr. Himanshu Rath, founder Chairman of Agewell Foundation said, "When we had started the first ever phone helpline 15 years back, most of the callers were old people in the age group of 60-67. They were more vocal about their concerns and problems. However, over the years now the age profile of callers has gone through a sea change and old people from the age group of 70-80 also contact for seeking solutions of their respective problems quite regularly. In addition, one more new phenomenon is that many young people send emails with queries about issues concerning old age. They are more interested in understanding the needs of older people and how to deal with them."

Analysis of Helpline records show that while earlier younger amongst old people (60-67 years) were more agitated and eager to find solutions now even the older old people 67+ seek assistance. In addition, the younger people are also equally agitated in dealing with old people but at the same time are eager to find solutions and methodologies for a peaceful co-existence.

Online communication being discreet and the most convenient, now older persons and their family members living in any part of the world can send email to Agewell Online Helpline and resolve their concerns, issues and problems. Agewell Online Helpline is easiest way to seek free of cost assistance for older people, their family members and caregivers.

Be it social, emotional, health related, legal, financial or interpersonal… when old person lives in confusion and conflict, their quality of life suffers. For every possible problem there is a solution available. Agewell ensures that FREE professional advice could be made available to old people where ever they are. Same is the case with young people. They too love their elders and remain concerned about their welfare. However, life has become so competitive that they are unable to focus on the needs of elders in their own families. Agewell Online Helpline helps them in understanding old age better and guides them as to how to deal with needs of old people.

With active participation of professionally qualified volunteers from social, medical, legal and financial fields Agewell Online Helpline for older persons is the easiest way for generations to come together and compliment each other.

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