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Agency's Facebook Strategy Makes Local OBGYN Most Desirable in Arizona

Quaintise Pushes Client Brand Visibility To New Heights With Enormously Successful Social Media Marketing Strategy.

A marketing and advertising agency with offices in Los Angeles, California and Scottsdale, Arizona, has taken the idea of transparency to build brand confidence to a new level with targeted live physician chats held directly on Facebook. The concept, which is fairly simple in nature, has been shown to consistently increase overall brand reach by over 500%, as well as increase Facebook Likes by over 300%.

The Facebook Live Chat, managed and piloted by Quaintise, LLC, involves the following three steps: market research, promotion, and execution. With over a generation of experience in healthcare marketing, Quaintise has taken the concept of brand transparency and direct access to physicians and has advanced the Facebook Page for Arizona OBGYN Affiliates, the largest OBGYN practice in Arizona, to the most successful OBGYN business page on Facebook.

The first Live Facebook Chat for AOA conducted by Quaintise was held in October of 2013. Upon initial promotion of the Live Chat, the AOA Facebook Page had 3,000 local, targeted Fans. Upon completion of the Live Chat, the AOA Facebook Page had 3,600 Fans. Not only did the percentage of Fans increase dramatically, so too did the overall Reach and Engagement, respectively increasing by 5,000% and 3,000%.

In addition to the remarkable success during the duration of the Live Chat, contacts and interest in AOA has grown by increasing margins since October. Direct contacts via Facebook Messages, as well as inquiries through Wall Posts and the Appointment Tab have increased by the thousands since the implementation of Live Physician Chats.

"The Live Facebook Chat really allows patients, and potential patients, gain direct access to their physician, something that is extremely hard to do these days," said Kandice Linwright, Social Media Director for Quaintise, LLC. "The patients love the immediate access and response, and the physicians love the idea of making sure Facebook users get the right medical information from the source."

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