Affordable Custom Made Curtains and Interior Decorating Services at 99 Interior Pte Ltd

Beautiful surroundings can lift one's mood. 99 Interior Pte Ltd provides customized curtains and other interior decorations to help its clients create their dream homes and offices within their budget.

Tastefully decorated homes and offices featured in magazines can take one's breath away. The elegant, sophisticated, classic or modern interiors of these homes and business establishments may even seem out-of-reach of ordinary people. That is not true. 99 Interior Pte Ltd can help home owners and business owners achieve the look and feel they want for their homes and offices at affordable prices.

The highly trained professionals at 99 Interior Pte Ltd help clients know more about the different types of materials and fabrics for curtains, blinds, wallpapers and more, and how to use these to create their dream interiors. One can have a professionally decorated home and office without the sky-high costs. 99 Interior Pte Ltd are experts at combining aesthetic appeal with functionality, allowing its clients to have a beautiful and functional place.

Not every home has standard-sized windows and furnishings. For unique results, 99 Interior Pte Ltd can customize curtains, roller blinds, wallpapers, murals, carpets, upholstery and more for its clients. Among its custom curtain products are block-out curtains, door curtains, sheer curtains, curtain wall or divider, day and night curtains, country curtains, soundproof curtains, and many more.

99 Interior Pte Ltd offers tips to make curtain buying and interior decorating a fun experience. According to the company, one must research on reputable curtain companies and make comparisons. 99 Interior Pte Ltd offers no-commitment on-site visits to provide clients with free and accurate quotations. The company works according to each client's budget and needs, giving clients what they want as well as suggesting alternatives that will best fit the budget.

For curtains, wallpaper Singapore and other decorating needs, visit to know more about how 99 Interior Pte Ltd works and to browse through their range of interior decorating products and services.


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