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Affirmotive is a company that offers sex addiction counselling face to face, over the telephone or through Skype.

Affirmotive is a company that offers sex addiction counselling face to face, over the telephone or through Skype. They can help the sex addict get back on track before their life spirals further out of control. Anyone that suffers from this kind of problem knows only too well just what it can do. It can cause loss of important relationships, financial loss, low self esteem and despair. It can even lead to breaking the law.

To help sufferers of sex addiction gain control of their lives once again and even restore their relationship with their loved one, it is necessary to have extensive counselling. It is also essential that the spouse also undergoes counselling to repair those feelings of betrayal and loss that they are struggling to cope with. They have to learn how to trust again, while the addict has to learn how to overcome the addiction. This is not easy as the cause must be diagnosed in each individual case. A great deal must be found out about each person before any real counselling help can be given because sometimes the addiction has been caused by something that happened when the addict was very young. It might have been sexual or physical abuse or something as simple as seeing porn when they were still a minor and could not process it. Affirmotive offers counselling to find out all those details so that they can tailor the treatment to the individual. No drugs or medication or physical examination are ever given, but real help is gained simply by undergoing the counselling sessions.

Affirmotive understands that counselling for this problem can be embarrassing or it can be impossible for the addict to travel to the centre; that is why they offer phone or Skype sessions. They also offer an addiction test on their website that anyone can take without having to put down their name or contact details. They simply need to read the questions provided and answer yes or no. If most of the answers are yes then they certainly need help with that addiction. Not getting help can lead you down to the next level where you are breaking the law and it is too late then for counselling to help you.

To break that addiction and get the help needed, anyone can go to the website of Affirmotive Sex Addiction Australia at take the test and then contact them for counselling help if they need it.

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