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Aerros Technologies, LLC Awards Manufacturing Agreement

Aerros Technologies, LLC, an electronic vaporizing device company, has announced a manufacturing agreement with a Connecticut-based biomedical manufacturer.

Aerros Technologies, LLC, an electronic vaporizing device company, has announced a manufacturing agreement with Connecticut-based biomedical manufacturers; United Ophthalmics, LLC & MicroSpecialties, Inc. The strategic alliance allows Aerros to meet its strict in-house quality standards, producing products consistent with ISO, FDA and CE criteria. Aerros will be in full scale production in its Connecticut manufacturing facility by year's end.

Additionally, Aerros announced the names of its Governance Board.

JD DeMatteo - Board Chairman of DeMatteo Industries, LLC

Daniel DeTuccio - Chief Marketing Officer

Jeffrey Horn, P.E. - Chief Operations Officer

Dr. Rajan Shanti Sadanandam - Director General, Dubai Heart Centre, U.A.E.

Michael Geffrard - CEO, LIATI Capital, LLC New York, New York.

Rod Brandstedter

Sandra Kelsey, Esq. - General Counsel

Steve Levesque - Chief Executive Officer, MicroSpecialties, Inc.

Aerros provides a smokeless alternative to conventional cigarettes and their line of vaping products have no odor, no tar, no smoke or other known harmful substances that are found in conventional "analog" cigarettes.

The company has stated that they embrace and welcome FDA regulation of the industry to eliminate the stigma of electronic cigarettes being harmful, as many manufacturers and suppliers have proven to manifest these beliefs by distributing products that contain harmful ingredients. Inexpensive or poorly designed products are detractors to this emerging high growth industry. Aerros has supported efforts that ensure the structural and performance integrity of the delivery system, as well as the certified content of the e-liquids utilized. The company advocates proposed regulations and has implemented policies for age restricted sales.

At present, the company operates primarily through its e-commerce platform and as a wholesale supplier to retailers.

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