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Aerostar's Flagship LIDAR-based Obstacle Detection Platform Boasts Increased Pedestrian Detection Range and Significant Advantages to Exterior Mounted Systems

Aerostar's recently announced obstacle detection platform now boasts an improved pedestrian detection range approaching 17 meters, works flawlessly in inclement weather conditions and meets NCAP standards.

Aerostar's recently announced obstacle detection platform now boasts an improved pedestrian detection range approaching 17 meters. Detection testing was performed from an interior windshield mount passing through the windshield glass. This is significant since most LIDAR systems suffer from substantial degradation from the signal passing through the car windshield, but Aerostar's proprietary algorithmic platform is able to overcome this issue. The newly applied pedestrian alogorithm, able to discern pedestrians under degraded visibility conditions, also performed flawlessly to an accuracy of 10cm, well within the proposed guidelines dictated by NCAP. This was achieved across difficult conditions ranging from rain, snow, intense illumination (low and direct sunlight) and darkness.

In the words of Aerostar's CTO Jean -Yves Deschenes, "In our opinion, Aerostar's system has several distinct advantages over exterior mounted scanning LIDAR systems. Past LIDAR-based systems and even some current scanning LIDAR systems have been reported to have significant degradation in poor weather. Aerostar's sensor system, using full-waveform LIDAR, performs extremely well under poor weather conditions. The temporary flicker of foreground rain or snow is quickly eliminated by the system to identify only steady targets with regular movement which creates accurate detection in inclement weather. Another advantage of Aerostar's system, with an interior mount behind the windshield, is to avoid the problems of air drag, design aesthetics and the possibility of snow blocking an exterior mounted system."

Aerostar's system was recently tested in very difficult driving conditions including rain, darkness, bright illumination and a Canadian snowstorm. The system was not significantly hampered in any of these detection scenarios. According to Jay Young Wee, Vice President, Aerostar, "This system should become a benchmark for future collision mitigation and pedestrian and obstacle detection in most weather conditions. Our flagship platform is economical, scalable, has safety redundancy, encounters far less signal interference than other sensors and is complimentary to other sensor platforms through our fusion platform. It is simply one of the best detection systems currently available."

The unit can be utilized across various platforms that require obstacle detection, including, but not limited to, robotics, shipping and automotive applications.

Units utilizing the improved algorithm are currently available for commercial evaluation. To arrange a demonstration, contact Stephen at or (516) 677-5390.

Since 1986, Aerostar has been known for their business expertise in algorithms and products which include, but are not limited to, Free Space Precision Digital Goniometer, High Precision Digital Magnetic Compass and Optical Detectors. Aerostar's vision for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) is to provide automotive manufacturers with reliable cost-effective solutions. Through identification, discernment and innovation, Aerostar has excelled in their capabilities in system design and integration. Aerostar is a privately held company headquartered in Syosset, New York.

For more information, visit us at or contact Stephen at or (516) 677-5390.

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