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Advantages of Machine Control

Do the Job Right the First Time. Axis Capital Equipment, Singapore understands the complications of heavy equipment leasing and the importance of getting the job right the first time.

There may be no more infuriating (or costly) system of interruption than redoing the work. You have the authority to put in the right material at the right height, or to take the right amount of material out using machine control. Rework can be expensive as it affects not only to one crew, but to the upstream and downstream work being performed on the whole site as well. This will cause extra postponement and hindrance of work.

Greater Predictability/Control of Job Costs. No matter where your location is, Jakarta, Indonesia, Sydney, Australia and many more, this guideline comes factual. Machine control technology permits contractors to more precise approximation of the particular quantity of time and materials required for a jobsite. This consents for improved distribution of equipment and personnel, as well as improved control of material costs. For instance: if you eradicate too much material from the site, not just that have you lost the time and energy to eliminate that material, you now must devote additional resources, such as time and money, to truck in material that is as good or better than the material you removed.

Less Wear and Tear (Maintenance). It is warning that equipment that needs more maintenance is no good. Ground engaging equipment gets more wear and tears the more often it is used. Additional hours are also piled up on the engine and the machine's filters and fluids. Blade edges wear down, and dozer undercarriages take a beating each time the machine travels. Machine control technology will in general permit a task to be finished in fewer passes with a grader or dozer, helping to lessen each of these factors while finishing the same amount of work.

Greater Equipment Utilization/Flexibility. Being able to work more proficiently to make more intelligently use their equipment, for example, if a contractor distinguishes that he/she can now ample the amount of work with two dozers as an alternative of three, that extra dozer can then be put to work somewhere else on the current site. Likewise, an excavator prepared with machine control may be able to finish the final grade as portion of its work, releasing up a dozer to develop on other work on the site. The technology also aids in equipment sequencing and planning: if you know for sure that the grader will get the grade to where it requires being on the very next pass, you can guarantee that compactor is there and ready to go as soon as the pass is finished.

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