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For approximately thirty years, medical science has recognized the role of antioxidant nutrition in prolonging human life and increasing vibrant health. Now, recent research has uncovered a dietary strategy that may even eclipse antioxidants for maintaining proper organ and tissue function throughout the body: adult stem cell enhancement.

StemTech Healthsciences, Inc.a pioneer in nutraceutical development and marketing, has recently announced the availability of StemEnhance(tm), the first natural dietary supplement proven to support adult stem cell circulation. A breakthrough in its field, StemEnhance has been shown to support and increase naturally-occuring adult stem cell release from bone marrow, within normal ranges.

Adult stem cells are without a doubt one of the most exciting fronts in health sciences today. While human embryos were once thought to be the only source of these "Super Cells" that would regenerate a wide range of human tissue, research in recent years has generated a growing body of evidence that adult stem cells have the same remarkable ability to develop and replicate in a wide variety of forms, a property known to health science as pluripotence.

The New England Journal of Medicine, in one example, published a study suggesting that the number of circulating stem cells has a direct correlation to overall heart health (September 8, 2005, 353(10): 999-1007). There is clear and convincing evidence that adult stem cells are involved in maintaining homeostasis (natural physiological equilibrium) and normal body function.

In human beings, stem cells are most abundantly found in bone marrow from birth onward. However, over a lifetime, there is evidence that in some people, the number and quality of these cells circulating through the body gradually decreases. StemTech's groundbreaking discovery is that a patented blend of extracts from the widely consumed aquatic botanical Aphanizomenon flos-aquae can actually support the release of these cells, improving the body's ability to maintain optimal health.

With StemEnhance(tm), individuals can help to slow the age-related decline of normal processes like stem cell release and cell repair.

"We believe StemEnhance(tm)is nothing less than a new frontier in nutraceutical nutrition," said Ray Carter, CEO of StemTech Healthsciences, Inc. "This product is the first in what we believe will be a whole new category of supplements that will leverage the power of adult stem cells to maintain better health for a lifetime. We're both proud to introduce StemEnhance(tm) for general use and excited about its potential to enhance the lives of millions of people worldwide." Now available in 15 countries (2009)

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StemEnhance(tm) has been proven to increase the flow of adult stem cells in the bloodstream by approx 25% ( 3 to 4 million extra adult stem cells)

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