Adoption of VoIP Long Distance Service by Small Businesses Growing Fast

Reports suggest that the number of small businesses enrolling for long distance services through VoIP providers is up by 36 percent in 2013.

Reports suggest that the number of small businesses enrolling for long distance services through VoIP providers is up by 36 percent in 2013. The projection for 2014 is that there will be a surge of 42 percent as the adopting businesses will entail huge cost savings on the expenses in long distance calling which can be reinvested on other areas. The switch over of small business to long distance carriers are subject to the acceptance of a good calling plan.

Key Benefits

Using the service of small business long distance telephone service allows small companies to operate internationally than regionally. The digital telephone provider facilitates small businesses to compete globally by offering long distance telephone service and VoIP telephone features to restrict long distance charges.

Affordable long distance offers a level playing field for small companies. In VoIP telephone services, local and long distance calls cost the same because calls are routed through the internet. The tariff barrier for state and country calls are broken by the flat rates of long distance telephone service. A hosted PBX system through the internet now removes all for multiple phone lines.

Companies having business toll free numbers are easily transferring their numbers to VoIP accounts. The option of virtual phone numbers to hosted phone system allows business owners to get phone numbers with area or country codes of their choice. Virtual phone numbers are allowing clients to communicate throughout the country and abroad with no worry about long distance charges.


Businesses do not have to focus on per minute rate or sign any type of contract to hook into a specific calling plan. Having a toll-free number allows existing as well as potential customers of a business to call it at zero cost. The incoming per minute rate on the toll free is higher than the outgoing rate.

The billing for a good business-calling plan should be preferably in 6-second increments. That means if a call is 18 seconds, the billing will be for 18 seconds. In case if it is 19 seconds billing will be for 24 seconds. If one minute billing increments is in 18 second, the call will be billed for a 1-minute call. Though it may look small it can add up over time especially numerous calls a month or fax a lot.

Players like ANCHORTEL have added a whiff of fresh air to the industry with new breed f business-to-business solutions as a telecommunications service provider offering crystal-clear, carrier grade voice quality at impressive rates.

With focus on voice quality, affordable pricing and responsive service a large volume of customers in the small and mid-sized businesses like Call Termination, Origination, Toll-Free Service will be driving the traction in the sector. The invasion of VoIP is making calls inexpensive to anywhere in the world. 4G technology and use of smart phones is boosting demand for mobile VoIP. The cost savings happening in call centers are hastening VoIP adoption in other businesses in a big way.

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