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Adoption Network Law Center - ANLC news for July/August 2010. Greater Access to Open Records in Two States

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Greater Access to Open Records in Two States

A new law in Illinois will allow adult adoptees to access their original birth certificates. Those born prior to January 1, 1946 can request a copy of their original birth certificates immediately. Anyone born after that date must wait until November 15, 2011 to apply, a delay that allows time for birthparents to come forward to object to disclosure.

Adoption Network Law Center says similar legislation has been proposed in Rhode Island. Its state House of Representatives approved a measure that provides adult adoptees copies of their birth certificates-unless the birthparent files a no-release form.

Who can you talk to about your options?

ANLC - There are a number of places where you can find resources to help you make the best and most informed decision possible for your pregnancy.
Crisis pregnancy centers generally offer free or low cost pregnancy tests and information about abortion, adoption and parenting. Most Crisis Pregnancy Centers are funded by and run by faith based organizations and staffed with volunteers from the community.
Family planning clinics offer services only to women, such as annual exams, birth control options and sexually transmitted disease testing. They also offer information on pregnancy and the resources available in your community regarding your options.
Adoption agencies are a great resource if you've already researched your options and are considering adoption as a viable plan for your unplanned pregnancy. They can generally advise you on the laws of your state and provide support (where allowable by law) for expenses and medical care.
Adoption Network Law Center (ANLC)says that regardless of the path you take to learning more about your options, it is important to remember that a counselor should always treat you with respect and courtesy. It is possible that you'll talk to a counselor who has strong feelings about your options. They my be unsupportive of abortion, adoption or parenting. It's important for you to look out for your own best interest and ensure that the professional you are working with is able to support your decision.
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