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Adept Networks Brings Allworx's New SIP Mobile Phone "Reach" Software to Southern Oregon & Northern California

Business owners and employees can bring their Allworx business phone with them wherever they go and see it, with all its features, on an iPhone, Android smartphone or tablet. Bring your Business with you Outside the Office on your Smartphone.

Walking away from the office for an appointment or meeting no longer means leaving your business phone ringing off the hook (or going to voicemail) unattended. Now there's an app for that.

Business owners and employees can bring their Allworx business phone with them wherever they go and see it, with all its features, on an iPhone, Android smartphone or tablet. This new technology has been made possible through Allworx's continued innovations to their phone system software, culminating in their new 7.5 software release that includes an SIP mobile phone client app called "Reach." The Reach app brings all the functionality of your business line to your smartphone anywhere there's an internet signal, whether WiFi or cellular.

What this means for businesses is that they can manage business calls through an Allworx office phone while business owners or employees are at appointments, meetings, luncheons, vacations, or anywhere there's a WiFi or cellular connection. The system allows for up to 250 users, meaning that multitudes of small to mid-sized businesses will have the option of increased phone performance, decreased phone service costs, greater phone functionality with a host of options, and of course, unheard-of mobility.

Southern Oregon and Northern California's growing economy is chock-full of small to-mid range businesses that could greatly benefit from the Allworx phone system's abundance of advantages-but who in Southern Oregon and Northern California is a reseller of Allworx technology that can handle your system setup and any future maintenance? The simple answer is that only Adept Networks of Medford, Oregon supports and installs Allworx phone systems-including all the necessary handsets and server hardware-and the new Reach app.

Regarding compatibility, Greg Wilkoff, President of Adept Networks, explains: "The new Allworx upgrades in recent years have made the phone system more open in that its options and compatibility have been designed to include features like multiple profiles for the same user, which enables a user to make outbound calls from anywhere in the world as if you were in one particular office. Allworx systems also have the capacity to handle multiple phone operators, and even have different hold music for each line or user. More importantly though is Allworx's seamless software compatibility with SIP trunking providers and third-party telephones, such as Aastra IP phones and Bria softphones."

"Businesses will be glad to hear that not only was Allworx already an extremely efficient system at a low price, now with the Reach app they will be able to have features that were previously only available to large businesses. The Reach app will allow businesses to save additional money by leveraging their employee's smartphones, which will mitigate the cost of purchasing additional desk phones. Allworx Reach allows businesses to connect to their desk phone with their smartphones and tablets, as opposed to buying a handset model for each desk or office. Smartphones and tablets are making multiple office desk phones a thing of the past."

Included in Allworx's 7.5 software upgrade are a few other handy features like: more controlled and specific user permission levels that allow businesses to manage their own everyday phone programming, a shared phone appearance that allows for calls from the office to show up in the same manner on multiple phones (such as the business owner's cell phone and their assistant's cell phone), easier identification of all parked calls, and stronger password requirements for authenticated access.

Adept Networks has been Southern Oregon and Northern California's prime provider of business-class communications products and services for over a decade including VoIP phone systems, enhanced computer networks, and surveillance and security cameras. By offering a complete lineup of technology and infrastructure support, Adept is unique in the local market as a total solutions provider. With expertise and products from Enterprise to SMB, Adept is conceivably the most versatile technology company in Southern Oregon and Northern California.

Allworx is a New-York-based telecommunications system provider that specializes in communications products-mainly IP phones and VoIP servers-that make business communications simper and more effective. Allworx phone systems allow businesses to: achieve lower overall phone costs, increase productivity, take advantage of advanced phone features, and achieve portability and mobility between worksites and the office.

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