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ADEC Solutions USA Passes 2nd Surveillance Audit for ISMS 27001:2005 Certification

ADEC Solutions USA Passes 2nd Surveillance Audit for ISMS 27001:2005 Certification

ADEC Solutions USA, a trusted expert in onshore and offshore managed services, is pleased to report that it has passed its 2nd surveillance audit regarding its ISMS 27001:2005 Certification. Business standard company BSI (British Standards Institute) conducted the audit and gave its recommendation for continued certification which is subject to routine annual surveillance prior to renewal upon its term. A combination of a process-based audit approach along with ADEC Solutions USA employee interviews were conducted by the BSI auditor.

Specific areas that were covered during the audit included; Risk Assessment, Management Responsibility and Review, Internal ISMS Audits, Corrective/Preventative Action, Communications and Operations Management, Business Continuity Management, Human Resources Management and Incident Management. ADEC Solutions USA also passed re-certification for ISO 9001:2008 back in 2012 regarding Quality Management System.

All of the above is in line with the company's objective to provide the highest level of operational standards, excellence, and continual improvement on providing the best service to our clients' and to adhere to all compliance requirements.

About ADEC Solutions

ADEC Solutions USA (ADEC) provides expertise in back office processing to save you time and money and help you focus on more strategic activities. Versatile in our ability to customize and rapidly deliver tailor-made solutions, ADEC cost-effectively provides mailroom services, scanning and imaging, archiving and retrieval, BPO, data capture and conversion, quality assurance and exception management, credit card processing, medical records processing, along with supply chain and research services in accounts payable, human resources, healthcare, banking, legal, insurance, retail and consumer products and services.

ADEC Solutions is a member of ADEC Group, a global provider of onshore/offshore managed services for governments and businesses worldwide.

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