Addinsoft's XLSTAT - First And Only Statistical Package To Run Within MS Excel On Multiple Platforms Including Excel 2011 SP1.

Addinsoft releases a new version of XLSTAT which is compatible with both PC and Mac OSs - version 11.2. XLSTAT becomes the first statistical software for Microsoft Excel available on both platforms. Several new features and enhancement are added.

Addinsoft is releasing version 2011.2 of XLSTAT, compatible with Microsoft Excel version 2011 SP1 for Mac OS. XLSTAT is the only statistical software that is compatible with Microsoft Excel from version 97 to 2010 on Windows, as well as with Excel X, Excel 2004 and Excel 2011 on Mac.

"While XLSTAT is becoming a standard for statistical analysis in more and more industries, being able to use it on both Windows and Mac platforms is a tremendous advantage for our users and partners", said Thierry Fahmy, founder and CEO of Addinsoft.

In enterprise situations where there is a mix of PCs and Macs, XLSTAT is a statistical package solution which works smoothly on both platforms. This eases the sharing of data and results among teams.

As always this new release comes with new features and enhancements. New features include new charts displayed after simple linear regressions with multiple dependent variables and after ANCOVA analyses with one quantitative and one qualitative variable. The ARIMA function has been improved with the possibility to search for the best set of orders. Interactions can now be used in PLS regression, where you can also now control the centering or the standardization of the explanatory variables. Finally, the speed of the PCA and MFA algorithms has been improved.

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