Addiction Rehabilitation Services At Teen Challenge To Be Improved By Altus Dynamics CRM

Canadian-based Microsoft ERP & CRM solutions provider Altus Dynamics announced today that the non-profit addiction rehabilitation organisation, Teen Challenge, are to implement their Dynamics CRM based data management solution.

Microsoft's IMPACT Award winning Dynamics CRM Partner of the Year, Altus Dynamics continue to add to their growing list of Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) customers with the addition of Teen Challenge, the Ontario-based drug and alcohol rehabilitation organisation. As a result of the rapid growth of the organisation in Canada and worldwide, Teen Challenge developed the need for a modern, scalable solution to manage the data and processes surrounding their fund raising efforts and programme management.

"Teen Challenge have been using a heavily customized database solution which was difficult to customise and adapt to their changing needs, resulting in significant investment of time and money. In addition there were other systems in place which together handled programme management and registrations, event, and donation management. They were all separate and the information siloed leading to inefficiencies in processes, reporting and work practices" commented VP of Product Innovation at Altus Dynamics, James Faw. "Our solution, based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM will bring all these requirements together into one central system, making operations far more efficient", adds Faw.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be deployed in three ways, depending on an organisations' requirements and budget - on-premise, private cloud (private hosting providers) or public cloud (Microsoft server farms). Due to the nature of the information they hold, Teen Challenge opted for on-premise hosting and have purchased 49 licences, to begin with. The three processes of their business; programme management, donation management and asset management will now be housed in the one solution. It will also link to their website for online donations and programme registration further improving operational efficiency. Marketing and promotion will be enhanced through the use of Dynamics CRM for email marketing, replacing the current direct mail campaigns while reporting will be vastly improved across the organisation.

"Teen Challenge had looked at a number of Constituent Relationship Management offerings that are currently available in the market. By the end of that process they'd decided that Microsoft Dynamics CRM was the solution that suited their needs, shortlisting ourselves and another Microsoft Dynamics Partner. We were very pleased to be selected and we're looking forward to helping provide the solution they need to provide their valuable services to society. Knowing our solutions make a real impact on the work our customers do and the lives they touch, gives us all at Altus a real sense of pride and achievement." says Colin Dickinson, Managing Partner at Altus Dynamics.

About Teen Challenge
Teen Challenge is a non-profit, interdenominational, faith-based program operating in 82 countries, with over 1,000 autonomous locations internationally, and continues to grow at a dramatic pace worldwide. It provides residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres funded by donations, provides spiritual, academic and vocational training, equipping individuals to return to society as responsible citizens.

Originally located in Hamilton, Ontario, Teen Challenge London was established in 1991 when a nursing home set on 46 acres in London became available. Teen Challenge purchased the property, converted it to a farm and relocated its residential program to the new site. Find out more at

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