Addendum for Pumping Stations Signed in Managua, Nicaragua

Biwater have signed an addendum with the Nicaraguan Water and Sewage Authority (ENACAL), adding six raw sewage water pumping stations along the main collector pipeline to their original operation and maintenance contract scope.

Having designed and constructed a state-of-the-art wastewater treatment plant in Managua, Nicaragua, Biwater are operating and mantaining the facility. The Group recently signed an addendum to the operation and maintenance (O&M) contract with the Nicaraguan Water and Sewage Authority (ENACAL), which expands the original contract scope to include O&M for six raw sewage water pumping stations along the main collector pipeline.

The signing of this addedum demonstrates the commitment of ENACAL and the German Development Bank (KfW), who along with Biwater, are focused on ensuring a steady supply of raw sewage to the plant and efficient operations.

Commenting on the signing, Javier Nuñez, Managua Plant Manager, Biwater International, said, "The expansion of the scope of our existing O&M contract is a testament to the award-winning work we have carried out to date and our strong relationship with the client. We will continue to improve efficiencies during the course of the contract, further developing wastewater infrastructure provisions for Nicaragua's capital city and its population of over one million."

In further highlighting the success of this project to date, ENCAL and the World Bank recently organised a visit for Vietnamese delegates. Biwater was honoured to support the visit and provide a detailed technical presentation to showcase the implementation of Biwater's technical solutions and the economic advantages of the treatment processes at work, which include the largest sludge drying facility in the Americas.

"It was a pleasure to meet World Bank officials and visiting Vietnamese delegates to discuss the considerations that went into designing and building a facility that would dramatically improve the condition of neighbouring Lake Managua. The results are already evident after only a few years of operation, with the reduction in the pollution of the lake resulting in a healthy increase in the development of lakeside property and public recreation areas," said Mr. Nuñez.

Mr. Nuñez added, "As we continue to operate and maintain the plant under our extended contract, we welcome visits such as this that seek to support knowledge transfer across borders, and indeed continents! It is our hope that the Vietnamese delegates took away insights into the workings of the

Managua wastewater treatment plant, which will support their wastewater treatment activities moving forward."

About Biwater:

Biwater provides large-scale water and wastewater solutions for clients across the world. Since its inception in 1968, Biwater has gained recognition for its innovative approaches aimed at overcoming the world's most pressing water-related challenges. Throughout its history, the company has grown to meet the demands of many water-stressed countries and their burgeoning populations. It has a successful record of accomplishment, having completed over 25,000 projects in over 90 countries - financing, consulting, process engineering, designing, constructing, operating, maintaining and owning water facilities - in both rural and urban environments.

Biwater have been working in the Americas since the 1960's, starting with equipment supply and going on to deliver the company's first regional turnkey project, the Northern Range Guanapo Water Treatment Plants, in Trinidad. Subsequently, Biwater have carried out work across South, Central and North America. Notably, Biwater's ongoing work in Managua, Nicaragua has provided the capital with its first large-scale wastewater treatment plant; it has been recognised for its sustainable design and operation by Global Water Intelligence, boasting the largest sludge drying facility in the Americas.

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