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Actress Spotlight: Miss Nazli K. Lou!

Nazli K. Lou, one of Iran's most talented actresses, is set to star in upcoming Persian Saturday Night Live spin-off.

Set to star in the upcoming Persian spin-off of Saturday Night Live, Iranian actress Nazli K. Lou, who is known for her unparalleled skills as a dramatic actress, will soon show the world her funnier side in this highly anticipated comedy.

Chosen out of approximately 600 other actors who auditioned for the part, Ms. K. Lou's abilities as an actress supersede any and all genre limitations making her one of Hollywood's most sought after talents. Additionally, her aesthetic features, which transcend ethnic borders, make her capable of playing a wide variety of characters from vast cultural backgrounds.

In Solomon Tubbs-Foster's feature film Parts of Disease K. Lou plays the exciting role of Khalia Amiri, an undercover FBI agent who is married to a Middle Eastern religious radical who is under investigation for terrorist activity. The film, which debuted at the 2014 Pan African Film Festival, follows a group of exchanged students on a cross-country trip across the U.S.; however, when two of the students go missing a simple trip turns into a full-blown terrorist investigation.

While the task of playing a conflicted double agent is undoubtedly one of the most challenging for an actress, Ms. K. Lou was a knock out in the role. Her striking performance, which beautifully presented her character as both a dutiful wife and a cunning secret agent, led the film to great success.

K. Lou's impressive acting repertoire includes a long list of films including Argo directed by Ben Affleck, Tara Atashgah's multi-award winning film For the Birds, as well as Ulterior, Moment of Truth, The Wedding and more. Audiences get a chance to experience a different side of K. Lou in each one of these films. In the film Ulterior K. Lou plays the role of Talia, a gentle Egyptian woman who helps her American neighbor find her way out of a deep depression after the death of one of her twin daughters. In the film's most pivotal scene Talia gives her struggling friend a burka and opens her eyes to a different form of spirituality, an act that ultimately leads to her recovery.

Ms. Nazli K. Lou is one of the most intriguing international actresses whose talent and looks have brought her immense success worldwide.

To find out more about Nazli K. Lou, you can check out her Imdb page at: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm4710162/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1
As well as he Facebook Fanpage:

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