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Actor and Paranormal Investigator R.A. Mihailoff Is Interviewed by Dawna Lee Heising of Eye on Enter

Mihailoff Is Known Worldwide for the Starring Role in the Feature Film "Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III"

Dawna Lee Heising of Eye on Entertainment interviewed R.A. Mihailoff, an American film, stage and television actor and also a former professional wrestler. Mihailoff was born in rural Pennsylvania, and is recognized around the world for portraying the role of Leatherface in the film "Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III", the second sequel and last story arc to the classic The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Mihailoff met the director of "Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III", Jeff Burr, when he acted in a student film for him at USC.

Mihailoff originally wanted to become an artist, a painter or an illustrator for a living. However, when he was in high school he joined a drama club run by the English department, which ultimately led to his interest in acting. He was very successful in both the drama club and the acting school he attended at New York State, which was run by the Cleveland Playhouse. Mihailoff also had a wrestling career, working exclusively with the American Wrestling Federation in southern California under the name of Brute Bronson, The Iron City Savage.

Mihailoff's first acting role was in the 1980 science fiction film The Lathe of Heaven. He has appeared in the movies Horrorween, Hatchet II, License to Drive (with Corey Haim and Corey Feldman), Moving Violations, Pumpkinhead 2, Stripteaser, Trancers 3, Knifepoint, among many other films. He has upcoming roles in Alluvial and Kiss Before the Slaughter. He has guest starred on the television shows Highway to Heaven and First and Ten. He recently starred in the film Hooked, which was written and directed by Axelle Carolyne and produced by Neil Marshall and Theresa Shiffin. Hooked also stars Claire Grant, and the movie was premiered exclusively on Fearnet.com on September 8, 2011.

Mihailoff is also a paranormal investigator with the Hollywood Ghost Hunters. In his words, the Hollywood Ghost Hunters are a "group of people who normally make a living by trying to scare other people. Everybody in the group has something to do with horror movies." Kane "Jason" Hodder, who played the lead role of "Jason Vorhees" in the Friday The 13th series, is a co-founder of the group, along with Rick "Stuntman" McCullum, a Hollywood stuntman and actor who doubles for horror film actors like Sid Haig. Hodder and McCullum formed the team after filming "Fallen Angels" at Mansfield Reformatory and having a paranormal experience in one of the cellblocks. In January 2011, the Hollywood Ghost Hunters were featured in the Pico House episode of the Travel Channel's popular show "Ghost Adventures". The Hollywood Ghost Hunters are now putting together a television show of their own about their ghost-hunting adventures.

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