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Active Release Technique Specialist Relocates to Accommodate Accelerating Growth

The Body Mechanic is moving to a larger, completely remodeled facility at 106 Wikiup Drive, Santa Rosa to better serve an increasing number of clients.

The Body Mechanic, founded over 10 years ago by rehabilitative bodyworker Thomas Wells, helps clients manage pain and improve body function. Through many years of education and direct clinical experience in multiple therapeutic modalities (including Active Release Technique ® / A.R.T, NeuroKinetic Therapy / NKT, Proprioceptive Deep Tendon Reflex (P-DTR), cranial sacral therapy / CST and others), Wells has developed a finely-tuned skill set that allows him to quickly and accurately assess and treat conditions such as sports injuries, arthritis, scoliosis, vertigo, plantar fasciitis, lower back pain, shoulder injuries, knee and other joint pain, muscle imbalances and many others.

During the past 18 months, Wells' Santa Rosa, California-based business has doubled in size. To better meet its clients' needs and accommodate the increased business, The Body Mechanic has recently expanded its workspace and moved into a new office adjacent to the old location.

Expanded Location and Services

While their original address was 102A Wikiup Drive in Santa Rosa, California (Sonoma County), the business will now be located next door, at 106 Wikiup Drive. Though a minor relocation in terms of distance, the move is significant for The Body Mechanic in that it will allow the business to provide a variety of expanded services designed to improve client experience.

Wells notes that the new space provides The Body Mechanic with over three times the space they originally had, and has been completely remodeled from the ground up. There are two treatment rooms, which means Wells will be able to engage additional therapists and potentially other professionals offering complementary services. The new space also contains a small exercise/evaluation room, waiting area and private bathroom. The move is expected to be complete by December of 2013.

"I have just grown to the point that my only option is to take on additional therapists, and I needed more room for that," noted Wells. "I didn't want to give up the location, so I just opted to renovate another space in the same building. I'm just one door over from the old space, meaning it won't be disruptive to long-time clients."

Expanding Business

During this expansive phase, Wells has worked to ensure that the move into the new space not only provides an expanded set of benefits for new and existing clients, but also keeps things business-as-usual for existing clientele. Wells hopes that bringing an expanded staff of additional high-quality practitioners into the new space will further allow The Body Mechanic to address his clients' needs, and at the same time enable the company to expand its business.

Even with the new move, Wells will continue to offer either a $35 discount or complimentary initial examination to all first-time clients. The examination can be used to help determine the underlying cause of a person's discomfort, and what type of treatment will be most appropriate for addressing these conditions.

To learn more about The Body Mechanic in its new facility at 106 Wikiup Drive, Santa Rosa, please visit for information.

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